Bougie/Artsy Band Leader's Responsibility for Dead Social Media & Zero Promotion

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  1. So I join this band several months ago, and after a few months of two other members being replaced and then practicing for two months with new members, the band is up and running again after more than a year of it not playing out..
    The BL has a FB page, but it's totally dead. He's not good with computers/graphic design & video editing/production etc., so there's just nothing there. I do all that kind of stuff as part of my day job for the company i work for anyway, and so I told him it was no big deal for me to manage the page..and that I'd build us a website and all that when we're ready.
    It first began with gig flyers...I've had to re-draft a flyer 9 times to make this guy happy. He demands everything be run past him...I shoot him half a dozen photos I edited from the gig and say I wanna upload them to social media with a little 'thanks for coming out' dates, blah blah...he doesn't want it. I've edited video clips, and he wants to get together to discuss 'the aesthetics'..I told him that a band's social media page needs to 'be active', a few photos here..a message there..something once or twice a week to keep people's interests...he doesn't seem to understand. I advised him to check out other band's pages, and he doesn't care about what I'm saying. The band's page is absolutely dead.
    I told him this morning that I have no further interest in design, production and maintenance of the band's media. I can't redo and redo redo to his satisfaction, i've spent hours on decent little video clips, cool gif and other images...stuff that everyone who's seen thinks is awesome...
    I've known him for years and he's a friend of mine, but I'm at my wit's end of trying to work with him at this level any longer. Everyone else just uploads regularly to their bands' pages and sites, and it's cool..there's just this immeasurable amount of pretense or something with this guy that I just simply don't have the time for. I don't know what else to do.
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    Jun 26, 2013
    if the music is dope, make secret dope ig/bc/fb accts., book shows wherein you get a cut as bassist, a cut as mgr, a cut as pr, a cut as agent, and a "sorry, but, I told you so" cut.
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    Maybe you need to present it to him in a way that makes sense. Some people don't understand suggestions, and need to be told abruptly. Unfortunately, if he's this controlling now, how much worse will it be later? I'd personally tell him to loosen the reigns or he's going to find himself a solo artist. If he doesn't want you to be a contributing member of the band, then he should pay you for your services when they're required, and that be the end of it.

    Worse come to worse, send us a link of the band page. I'll add it, then start dropping messages asking what the hell is going on with the band, and how unprofessional it is to add fans then let them sit idle while he contemplates how awesome he is.
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    School session about marketing you've been giving you pal is over. And it looks like you've got nothing to show for it.

    Time for you to walk, I think.

    Knew a guy who was a decent singer and songwriter. He'd put a band together, rehearse the hell out of them, and then right when it was about to start happening for real - he'd quit, citing 'artistic differences.'

    Guy was so afraid of failing, he'd quit rather than find out. Too bad he wasted a lot of other people's time playing that game with himself.
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    Rage quit :D - but seriously the guy's a nut job.
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    Band meeting time. If you are in charge of media, you should be in charge. If he wants to check out the page afterwards and make suggestions, he can.
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    I went through the same thing. BL had no interest in marketing the band more than the minute things he would add to the FB page. He did have a website built but that thing was so slow and uninteresting! I was the one who added pics and videos to the FB page and he would link the youtube videos to the website but I was doing most of the work. He literally sabotaged the band's success by just not allowing the band to grow and expand. Refused to learn more songs. Every gig was the same thing. Gig after gig. It got old and I ended up quitting. My rep took such a hit, playing for this band, that I have been having a hard time getting gigs. It's been 3 years since I've had a steady gig. Nothing but a few subs and one offs.

    Your time may be up with this project. When you have a BL that is uninterested in promoting his own band....something is wrong. The writing is on the wall.
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    And what is his reply to this statement?
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    I realize there are practical issues with sidestepping the BL, but I have this thought all the time, about a variety of subjects. It's so easy to do things now, why do we need archaic "authorities". Until quite recently, there was a centralization of power, but as it became easier and cheaper to do things independently, those "authorities" need to either evolve, or be bypassed.

    To the OP, it sounds like you've stopped trying to persuade the BL about marketing the band in the current internet paradigm. Unless you want to get bogged down with him, I don't see any reason for you not to bypass his archaic mindset. The rest of the bands, and the world for that matter are busy bypassing those who aren't willing to adapt.
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  10. Kevan Campbell

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    Sounds like someone who is such "the artist" that he can't be bothered to promote and manage his own brand. I'd bet that he's just hoping for some record executive to walk in on one of y'all's rehearsals with a non-360 record deal and managers in tow to make sure all he ever has to worry about is writing lyrics and living the 80's rockstar life of groupies and blow...too bad for him those days are over. I briefly played for an artist like this that couldn't be bothered to write his own songs but actually ordered beer coozies and T-shirts to promote his first "single" that we had yet to record and release! We all left him when he tipped his hand too much by not showing up to record vocals on said "single" but asked us to email him the finished, mixed instrumental track we had recorded...clear sign of someone used to just using people for their own ego.

    OP, it's not the end of the world to have musician friends that you don't play music with. I have a few very close friends of mine that are great musicians and we have never had a musical connection at all. They do their thing and I do mine, and we try to support each other by showing up to gigs. Might be time to support your friend as a fan and not as a bassist.
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  11. he told me i was being a child, after insulting me by telling me i'm acting like 'a vet' (of what, i'm not sure..) and that 'you're [I'm] not'.
    I'm 40, and he's nearly 20 years older than me at 59..I don't know if he thinks he's 'a vet' of some kind. There's nothing to show for it if he does (video/audio/articles/photos), other than a big mouth and some 'I remember when' stories from the 80s...not that it should even matter...I never attacked him on any level..I was just pushing about the band's fb page and maybe some youtube stuff, and purely from a positive perspective. I'm pretty good at dealing with people...
    It just doesn't make any sense.
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  12. guy n. cognito

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    Dec 28, 2005
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    His age is playing against you......

    While some people pushing 60 are quite adapt at social media and modern marketing techniques, many aren't. He probably doesn't have clue how important it is to have an active social media presence. My god....he'll probably suggest you hand out flyers or have a "street team"......
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  13. What I'm caught up in is a feeling that this project is likely his last, and I want his band to exist because he is an interesting character and I care about him...and because I know him pretty well; I know that at 60 years old, if this one falls apart, he's gonna give up. He says he gave up 10 years ago, but because he happened to come to know a guy that was anxious to play some guitar, he decided to take one last crack at getting a band together 3 years ago. I played with them one night back then, and decided i wasn't interested. Then six months ago, he was pretty desperate for a bass player and i was available...shortly after, we lost two members we had to replace. He's been through maybe 10 band members since then, and I'm beginning to realize why he can't get anywhere with this thing... We played on sunday at an art gallery in baltimore and blew the lid off the place, it was actually really great...i don't know man, i'm just a little torn
  14. that's funny, he had me print up 200 flyers for the gig we just played sunday...flyers are still a thing in baltimore, though...i think..haha
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    What kind of music do you play that you have a 60 year old singer?

    I attended a Jimmy Buffet/Huey Lewis concert last night. I'm a big fan of both and it was kinda sad. Old guys phoning it in really. No energy. Lost vocal range. Pretty pitiful.

    The band's were tight. The stars...not so much.
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  16. It's the more obscure rock n roll from throughout the decades, kind of at the punk end of the spectrum, but more broad than that..i had to crash-course myself in 30 songs I'd never heard before, man. Stuff I had heard of that we do includes songs from Roxy Music, Social Distortion, Iggy Pop,'s just whatever he likes. The Dwarves, The Ponys, Sam the Sham..bands I'd never heard with names like that...
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    You're a nice guy. He's a stubborn loser. Walk.

    Seriously, this will go absolutely nowhere. He's got issues. If you're in this band, they're your issues.

    Don't wait until the other guys in the band start leaving. They will.
  18. Kevan Campbell

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    Jun 15, 2008
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    I don't mean this to be a dig at you as a bassist or person, but from everything that you've posted in this thread it sure sounds to me like you haven't decide what your limit is on BS and obviously dead-end projects. I understand wanting to help someone out who's desperate but too many "stars" are just victims of their own delusion and will take you down with them (or at least drain your time and energy).

    The singer is difficult to work with and the project isn't going anywhere because he knows "how it's done"...thirty years ago. It's up to you how long you want to ride this trainwreck-in-the-making but I don't see any benefit to you in sticking around this singer any longer.
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    Don't feel bad....I recently played with an older guy that insisted that we needed a PO box for fan mail...
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  20. two fingers

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    I'm not usually the "you need to quit" guy.

    However, there are several hits against this project.

    1) stubborn BLACK

    2) Old front man in a punk band

    3) If you never heard of the set, how do you think the audience and/or club owners might feel? Is there even a market for it enough to sustain a band?