Boutique Compressors worth trying out

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  1. I've been finding out about pedals like Basswitch, I think I might try a few out.
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    Obligatory inclusion - Compressor Reviews

    Yes you will notice a definite difference in performance as you increase your spending on compressors.

    However, you need to find the right compressor for what you are trying to accomplish.
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    Try out some of the cheaper options if you can because some of the expensive compressors are not only expensive but usually also have a pretty specific sound. My thoughts on the compressor matter are to start small and work out from there as you find the need, only reaching some of those boutique compressors as tone and sound dictates. For example, I found an EHX Black Finger and fell in absolute love with it but am in a pretty small minority of bass players using it, and it was only $120!

    That said, ddnidd1 is 100% correct. As you crawl up the compressor ladder of cost you find some incredible pieces of musical equipment that are nothing short of magical in some cases. My eyes have opened recently to how fundamental a great compressor, chosen wisely and set properly, is for some bass players and the positive impact it has. The Cali76, for me, stands out above the rest and if you are looking for a general "boutique compressor" recommendation I think it should be the one; but there are some GREAT choices, especially FEA Labs and Empress.

    (And Bongo, the resident compressor expert, knows all. If you have any specific questions he either has the answer, can figure it out, or it will remain a question forever.)
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    I’ve hung in there with my Mark Bass Compressore, no complaints besides the space it takes up. Before that, I used the EBS Multicomp, but kept experiencing component failure, which was disappointing as I liked the transparency. I don’t know if either would be considered ‘boutique’.
  6. I know when I was on the compressor hunt, I just looked for the quietest unit on the market. It just happens to be boutique and over $500 CAD. (Cali 76 CB)