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Bowl-A-Thon: A fund raiser, and my personal declaration of GREATNESS!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by bassthumpa, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. bassthumpa


    Aug 31, 2004
    Austin, TX
    Ladies and Gentlemen of the low end, its is official:

    I, Michael Clayton, the Talkbass poster known as "Midnight Jazz", as of this moment have declared myself to be the

    …oh, and I’m pretty decent here on Earth too. :ninja:

    I know there are many that would dare to question my greatness when it comes to the smashing the pins, so I present the opportunity to challenge me.

    My church, First Pentecostal Church of Austin, is having a Bowl-A-Thon building fundraiser on Saturday, October 22. We're trying to do something a bit different than the usual car wash or bake sale routine. And seeing as I am the GREATEST BOWLER ON PLANET “URF”!!!!! and all, I feel obligated to represent by smashing pins for the cause!

    As expected, doubters in the workplace scoff at my greatness, and challenge me in the form of pledges and contributions. Then it occured to me... I am sure there are those at TB that might question my bowling authori-tah!! So, since this has been ok'd by the mods, I give you this opportunity... support the GREATEST BOWLER ON PLANET “URF”!!!!!

    Feel free to send or pledge any amount you like. You can give a flat amount... or, if you dare to challenge me, pledge on a per-pin basis. So if you wanna drop $1/pin, I'll go bowl a perfect 300 for ya and you can cough up a smooth $300 large. :D I'll bring a printed and signed scoresheet and posted it here afterward. I'll probably have my cam on hand too, so I might link a vid me destroying the pins so there's no doubt of my greatness! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Paypal if you like to midnight_jazz@yahoo.com, or if you prefer good ol' snail-mail send me a PM and I'll give you the address. This is tax deductable as a charitable donation, so receipts are available upon request for larger contributions (in other words, please don't ask for a receipt on a dollar ;)), just let me know what you're sending, and I'll get an official receipt from our financial folks and mail it off to you pronto. If you send via Paypal, drop me a PM when you do it (or post here if you like) to let me know so I can keep track of individual contributors.

    Every contribution is greatly appreciated! :hyper:

    Thanks in advance for your generosity!
  2. bassthumpa


    Aug 31, 2004
    Austin, TX
    Quick bump, then I let 'er go.