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boxey sounding 12s?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by scorpionldr, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. I've been hearing a lot about how 12's are "the ideal" for playing bass having the bottum of 15s and the clarity of 10s in one speaker, but lately every bass amp I've touched with a 12 (basically a swr wm12 and GK150mb.....for a short bit a 2x12 aggie cab but I couldn't really hear what I was doing cuz I wasn't blasting anyone out of the room) has seemed a little boxey....I've basically been plugging in my ol' squire p-bass (it's got a better pickup....I forget what it is tho), leaving the bass flat or a bit above flat, mids and treble prettymuch cranked. Haven't really had any problems with any of the Peavey's I own when doing this, but then again I'm workign with 15's. Am I the problem? is it the bass? I'm lookin to invest in an avatar or schroeder 2x12 soon (i won't touch 10s, too punchy and flat for me) to pair with an xs800h and I wouldn't want to deal with a problem like this. I'm in no real rush, just planning my future rig.....
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    When I think of "boxey" sound I think of the Tech21 Landmark 60 combo with a 12". or the roland cb50 or 100. they have a certain hollowness (from the wood resonating) that can't be eq'd away.

    I tried a regular schroeder 1210 and "could" say that it has a bit of a hollowness (from the speaker or electronics) that can't be eq'd away, HOWEVER that low-mid bump is VERY usefull in a band situation.

    I own aguilar gs112's and love their sound. they have a certain fattness, but its not because the wood is resonating like some thinner cabinets.

    going from 15's to 12's may be a bit of a tone perception adjustment. I could see where certain resonances in the 12 are not desireable if you forget your playing a 12, just like you think 10's are too thin and flat, that is a characteristic that appeals to some people.

    if your playing a squire with stock pickups the pickups are giving you a duller more rounded sound than a higher end pickup. Don't be afraid to plug other basses into a cab that you are seriously considering. if a cab sounds good with one and not other guitars it might not be good choice of cab to have in the future and when you switch guitars it may not sound good.

    as the years go by and you change gear, one of the more frustrating things is a piece of gear that you thought was great turns out to be the piece of gear keeping you from a better sound. for example I wanted more "cut-through" in the mix and thought the problem was the amp (that I was falling out of love with) and not the guitar that I liked alot. and even THIS weekend I played a $200 Ibanez bass instead of my $850 Rickenbacker and got a better cut-through??? hard to swallow because I like the rickenbacker better solo, but have to admit that the ibanez works better in THIS situation.

    IN SUMMARY: Try cabs with different guitars and also note if the "boxey" sound is in the speaker (electronics) or in the resonance of the box.

    good luck

    I see the Yorkville xm200 on your gas list, GREAT CHOICE!
  3. Thank you for the response......yea, the Squire sorta has a thick RnB sound with the tone knob back and forward it sounds a little hollow....I think I'm just starting to hate the vintage quality in the tambre of a precision pickup. Ever since I got my fender P-delux with the jazz, the squires been getting the pretty thick end of the boot.I'm definitely going to have to get something like a cheap ibanez to replace the squire....it's become a piece of crap since it was my first bass (no, really, intonation problems, broken bridges)
    When I describe boxy....the tone I was getting was either bland (with things more like flat) or it had this big obnoxious sort of mid range honk that gives everything a less natural more MIDI programming tone.

    and yes, I was considering an xm200.....loved the tone, loved the tambres I could get out of it, but just wasn't cutting it on the volume against the old tko65 when I played it in the store.....When I have enough use for it (or enough money, whichever comes first) I'm HOPING I will choose the xm800h with the avatar 2x12....but coming from hearing actual 1x12 cabinets and hearing "the 2x12 sounds just as good as any other cab I own, like the 4x10 or 1x15" I'm just confused.
  4. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    well the nice thing about the xm200 is you can attach another external speaker (8ohm) and increase your volume. but if you feel yourself moving away from combo's just make the leap to a good 500+watt head or pre/poweramp combo.

    what did you think about the aguilar gs112s??

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