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BP Magazine B.S. subscriptions

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by bluejayway82, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. bluejayway82

    bluejayway82 Supporting Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    So, I decided to subscribe to BP magazine this year, as I have found myself reading it quite frequently again. I remember reading an editorial from when Bryan Beller was the editor, basically explaining that the magazine was getting thinner and carrying more advertisements due to the downward turn the print industry has taken. That always stuck with me as a pretty cool piece of writing, not trying to BS the reader, just telling it how it is, and how BP can continue to stick around if the bass playing community sticks behind it.. Great..

    Anyway.. I ordered my subscription in early January, and after not receiving anything for a couple of months, I wrote an email questioning the arrival of my first copy.

    I got a reply today.

    Expect my 1st issue mid May (4 months after I placed the order) and my subscription will run out on March of next year.

    Now, I didn't go to University to study any advanced mathematics courses, but something seems a little askew with those numbers.. don't you think?

    I wrote back asking if they were joking or if that was some sort of prank email.. I have a sense of humour, and can get on board if people are having a laugh.. I certainly had a laugh at their email..

    Anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    I was just thinking about renewing my subscription I think I'll pass.
  3. Milk


    Sep 16, 2013
    Montreal, Canada
    maybe they meant to say may next year and wrote march? both months DO start with ma.... im really hoping for you its a mistake of the sort. Otherwise it's either extend it to may or give your back your money. Anything else is unacceptable. I mean you ARE certain this is a 12 issues 12 months sub you got right?
  4. Kmonk


    Oct 18, 2012
    South Shore, Massachusetts
    Endorsing Artist: Fender, Spector, Ampeg, Curt Mangan Strings, Nordstrand Pickups, Korg Keyboards
    I stopped subscribing many years ago. There are more ads than articles. I am also suspicious of the gear reviews considering that all of the products they review are manufactured, sold and distributed by the same companies who advertise. Makes it difficult to write an objective review for fear of "biting the hand that feeds you".
  5. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I get a lot of music magazines, and the subscription service on just about all of them blows!
  6. Howlin' Hanson

    Howlin' Hanson Lighter cabs, please. Supporting Member

    Sep 3, 2007
    Austin TX
    If they advertised 12 issues, then instead of running May through April like you might suspect, they publish 13 issues a year, which WOULD run out in March. If they advertised a one year subscription, it should go through April. The thirteenth issue is labeled "Holiday 2014."
  7. Clef_de_fa


    Dec 25, 2011
    it is a joke if they take that long just to send what you ordered ...
  8. edpal

    edpal Banned

    Oct 3, 2007
    My wife generally does the bill paying and has caught them at least twice in last few years sending us the "your subscription runs out with the next issue" letter and then she digs up the check and it's only been 5-6 months.

    I don't trust their reviews due to the heavy advertiser influence.

    I do occasionally get inspiration from some of their musical technique articles. Have generally found a large margin of disagreement with their instrument tech articles.

    Biggest justification I can make for continuing is we turn all our magazines in to Purple Heart organization and they send them on for our military people stationed overseas.

    Yeah, you start a subscription with them you are lucky to get an issue within 3-4 months.
  9. DiabolusInMusic

    DiabolusInMusic Functionless Art is Merely Tolerated Vandalism Supporting Member

    I had a laugh at your comment of BP not feeding their readers BS. Read their reviews post 2002 and tell me they don't feed people BS. Their cons for instrument reviews are usually "too awesome" and "none". I cannot stand BS reviews. Part of the reason I tossed my subscription. I have been enjoying UKs Bass magazine since cancelling my BP sub.
  10. Far better to use TB for any reviews on gear. I have, as well as advice on maple vs. rosewood, Barts vs. MECs, types of strings for particular basses, types of tubes etc. Arguably, a lot less BS, and any there is at least not sponsor (or $) bassed.
  11. AGH


    Jun 18, 2013
    Long Island NY
    All of the stuff I got for free wore out!
    I gotta read something in the bathroom don't I?
  12. I stopped getting BP years ago. I truly wish I could justify a subscription, but there simply ceased to be enough quality material there. Seems like it's become little more than a dressed up advertising vehicle, like so many US music magazines. I mostly stick to the British magazines these days, as they still have some actual editorial content in them.
  13. nervous

    nervous Supporting Member

    Jan 5, 2010
    Beautiful Central, NY

    Smart phone and the TB app? Workin for me right now...
  14. Exploiter8

    Exploiter8 Demons run when a good man goes to war

    Jan 18, 2010
    Commercial FREE!
    I'm we don't have Smell-a-Phones...YET!

  15. Swerve


    Nov 22, 2002
    Portland, OR
    I decided to subscribe to BP again too this year. I ordered it online in late Jan / early Feb and was told to expect my first issue around Feb 28th. It's only two weeks past due but after reading your experience I may be in for a long wait.
  16. Ukiah Bass

    Ukiah Bass Supporting Member

    May 10, 2006
    Money down the drain.
  17. You guys are harsh and may be expecting too much. It's not the year 1999 anymore. ALL magazines are thinner and carry more ads. I haven't renewed my subscription in over a year so I don't recall the exact price, but I think it's less than $1.50 per issue. It's been a long time since I bought a King Size Snickers® bar but I'd guess it's about $1.50.

    For a buck fiddy, you'd be hard pressed to find anything else that's worth MORE than that for THAT.

    Yeah, I remember when gas was $.28 per gallon also.
  18. I can typically order something off the internet and have it in my mailbox within 2-3 days. There is no excuse for it to take months for a subscription to take effect.

    ...and they wonder why their business is going down the pooper.
  19. I had a different experience, being a new bass player I subscribed to the magazine, they started my subscription in which seemed like 1 issue behind plus the current one. The first one I received I already had bought, I e-mailed them and they added 1 month to my subscription. The next issue which came within a week was the current issue, but I also had already purchased it; I e-mailed them again and they added one more month.

    For all they knew I could have been BSing them, but they did not question it and did not ask me to provide proof.
  20. I guess I wasn't responding to that portion of the OP. I agree that the subscription shouldn't take months to receive. I didn't have that experience when I started my subscription, in fact I had the opposite happen. I ordered it after buying an issue at the store using the card that comes jammed inside and received the current issue plus two back issues within a month.

    I still can't think of anything, publications or otherwise, that provide that much reading on the crapper for less than two bucks. And I'm lucky because I'm getting old, so sometimes it's like reading an article for the first time over and over.