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BP200 Complaints

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by hindsight, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. I am the owner of a Digitech BP200 and i love the effects and everything that it does, when its working. Less than 3 months after i bought it i had to have the PC board replaced becuase it would spontaniously cut the set volume down to about a third of its original setting. I got it back (after horrible service by Digitech) and its been working fine until the beginning of december. It has started to suffer from the same affliction and it is now 13 days out of warranty. I am now faced with the option of sending the pedal to Digitech and spending 55 dollars to have it fixed, or let it sit around and collect dust. I absolutly love what this pedal can do but i am very discouraged by the neglect to the quality of the product. So to get to the point i am trying to find others who are having the same problem so i can express this problem to digitech with more than just one voice. If you own a BP200 and have had problems with it please post a detailed description of the problem so I can have a nice list of complaints to send in with the letter i am writting the company. Thanks to all who will share their despair over the amazing yet cheaply manufactured BP200.


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