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  1. Goodwill Industries is a great place to visit this time of year. Case in point: I walk into the local GW this afternoon to hear a patron banging out some chords on a cool electric piano. But the piano wasn't the focus of my attention - it was the Ampeg B80-N 15" bass combo amp that the piano was being tested through. Marked with a price of $40.40, I take it to the cashier immediately only to find out that it's Tuesday and all electronics are 25% off!! So I walk out with a really neat little amp for $30.30.

    Right place, right time, plenty of cash.
  2. Hammy, you get my vote for bargainman of the year...and you helped a good organization. Everybody's a winner!
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    Goodwill can be a fun place. We donated an old cheap stereo (Yorx) that may have been worth $1 and later saw it tagged for $35... and someone bought it. The same week my wife found a Roland GR-50 rackmount guitar synth module in a 3 space rack bag... for $25