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Brand New Fender American P-Bass $700

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Dr. PhunkyPants, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Dr. PhunkyPants

    Dr. PhunkyPants Guest

    Aug 11, 2002
    Fender 2002 American Standard Series bass with all hang-tags. Includes Fender deluxe plush tolex case--store couldn't find the normal one so gave me the one that comes with Custom Shop basses. Alder sky blue body, maple fingerboard, graphite reinforced neck. Not a scratch anywhere. Plastic still under knobs. Purchased for a gig that didn't happen. This is the exact same bass pictured on the USA P-bass page in the 2003 Fender "Frontline" Catalogue.

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