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    Just a question for you guys that have been around longer than I here with experience selling. I have a couple items up in the classified section and I am a supporting member and although my feedbacks are only slightly over 30 they are 100% and I have had for the most part excellent experiences except for one but it worked in the long run anyway.

    I have been getting guys (or maybe a gal) who joined only within the last 12-24 hours with no posts no feedback no nothing leaving me messages asking me questions and then they don’t respond or today the guy didn’t give me a PM just tagged onto my post asking me about doing a deal somewhat reasonable and leaving his private email right in his response. Are these scams? What would you guys do? Would you entertain a brand new wet behind the ears buyer or steer clear? Also they seem to leave messages like in the middle of the night.

    Or maybe it's all good and they just joined to buy something what the heck do I know..
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    I'd be very careful with new members with no feedback. That said, I sold a fairly expensive MTD bass to a TBer in China who had five posts and zero feedback. Without being offensive I made him aware of my concerns and after several emails, we arranged for me to ship the bass to another TBer friend of his in New York, who then forwarded it to him in China. His TBer friend had 44 feedbacks at 100 percent and vouched for the new member. Everyone went away happy.

    But again, make a new member with no feedback convince you that they're on the up-and-up, and make sure you have the money before you ship. If their communication is not excellent, save yourself some grief and don't deal with them.
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    Thanks Munji, my thoughts exactly..Bad time of year too shipping. There are tons of part time seasonal drunks working at UPS and FedEx now. I know this I used to do it 20 years ago.
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    As mentioned above, you should be careful.

    FYI, I'm a relatively new TB member, who has never sold anything here on TB, but I did buy 1 bass from a fellow TB'er, which is how I learned about this forum in the first place.

    You may not realize that when doing an internet search for basses, TB posts pop up in the search results, which is how I found the bass that was for sale on TB and learned about TB in the first place. This may explain to you why you are receiving various odd "odd-ball" responses from people. They are not necessarily members of the TB community, fully understanding the various rules and the camaraderie that is shared here. They most likely view your classified as as just another "for sale" posting on some forum, and they decide to sign up to the forum in hopes of either finding more deals in the future, or out of curiosity.

    I'm not defending why you should sell to them. I'm simply trying to explain why you may be getting these types of responses you mentioned.

    Best of luck!
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    I just joined in October and I think I just received my first feedback. It is a tough one because everyone needs to start somewhere. With that said, I think the nature and quality of the communication is key. As an insomniac (which TB has completely exacerbated, by the way) I find myself surfing around TB and leaving posts in the middle of the night as well.

    I have purchased two basses already and I think using Paypal has helped take away some of the worry of selling a bass to me until I can build some history. I just did my first trade and I shipped the bass the next morning. I gave my contact info and cell number in the PM. As I was leaving UPS I received a text asking me to call so we could talk. He didn't want to ship before checking me out. I was like, "oops - that would have been a good idea for me to do as well."

    With all of that said, TB relies pretty heavily on trust and reputation and it is extremely vulnerable to scams and nefarious sorts trolling around. If they don't give you a phone number where you can talk directly then don't chance it. Other option once they give you the phone number is to enter it into the search bar on Facebook. If they linked their number, they will pop up. If they haven't linked it, ask them why.