BRAVO VICTOR: Release New Single (and video): 'For All His Flaws'

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    Born from assignment necessity, passion and a mutual love of music and performance, Newcastle bass and voice duo, Bravo Victor, today announce the release of their second single; 'For All His Flaws'.

    Although quite unorthodox in their approach on paper, Bravo Victor encompass a true mash of genres, with jazz traditionalist and bassist Jonathan Burgess colliding with classically trained pop enthusiast Sophie Aked, to form something truly incredible.

    Showcasing the beauty hidden within the rustic backstreets of Newcastle’s East End, 'For All His Flaws' pays homage to elegant simplicity. Taken from their debut self titled EP released earlier this year, the track and accompanying clip takes time to both highlight and celebrate individual artists stylings, as well as Bravo Victor's strengths of performance as a duo.

    For vocalist Sophie, the story and lyrical composition remains personally intertwined with both life and love:

    “It’s a song about a disappointment in love and feeling the heavy weight of the reality of a decision I wasn’t able to control. It’s also about acknowledging the hurt and really trying to unpack and cope with the devastation of that process in its entirety".

    ‘Burgess’ ability to play inventive and complex bass lines, combined with Aked’s sassy jazz and R’n’B-styled vocals works beautifully…:

    - Newcastle Herald
    Bravo Victor showcase a truly unique sound, a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of genres so to speak. A complete treat for any lover of music.

    - Newcastle Live
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