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  1. I was out looking for a new bass yesterday when my friend handed me by far the heaviest bass I have ever held. I don't mean heavy sounding, but weight heavy. I checked out the brand and saw that it was made by a company called Brawley. After doing some research I found out that Brawley was started in 2001 by Keith Brawley ( ex fender overseas manager or something). I was just wondering if anyone else had heard or played a Brwley bass and if so what did you think of it compared to the longer established companies. BTW I plan on buying either that bass or a varient of very soon. Thanks for your time.

    Here is the site to check out some of Brawley's stuff:
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    I don`t know man.

    It looks wierd to me, just because there`s no real photos on the website. All guitars are just digital made graphics... why?

    Call me old-fashioned, but I like to see some good photos on a Luthier`s website.
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    i played one at mars the other day now that u say it. it felt like a $200 bass. nothing good about it. I didnt see an exact price but it felt and sounded pretty cheap to me.
  4. I dislike the Louisville-Slugger feel and 35" scale on the neck. Keith sez they will never build a 34" neck, but if I gotta have 35" then gimme Peavey. For some reason the Cirrus and Millenium necks feel great in my hands. I do like the right hand comfort and versatility of the Brawleys, so if they can ever get the neck to my liking...
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    I played one at a local store and the first thing i noticed was how chunky the neck felt. It's almost like a lightly sanded 2x4. The neck profile is almost flat, with the edges being at really sharp angles. So the neck looked like this ~>[ as opposed to this ~> C.
    Maybe some people think that's a good thing but i didn't like it. I don't like the styling much either.