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  1. Hey our band is going through our first CD project.

    We so far have found a very decent studio discount (friend discount:)) And we have looked into some graphic design and layout. so these areas are basically covered although I would also like to know how much your duplication and packaging costs are? (Please let me know if in Canadian or American dollars)

    So if you could break down your CD costs for me that would be great

  2. pedrodiggler

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    Sep 2, 2001
    woodstock canada
    hey, have you troed calling duplication places, well I would think about it ambis please! so that you can have first hand knowledge,

    oh, everyone , this guy is actually only twelve years old, so don't shun me for being a guitarist:p
  3. Laker


    Mar 23, 2000
    I can't break them down but I can tell you that the first two my band did were in the 6-8000 dollar range. This included the first 1000 CDs.
    The band's current project will be in the 30K range as a pro producer will be overseeing it and a pro studio will be used.
    It is also being done with lawyers involved to make sure all rights (writer, producer, player, etc.) are properly covered/contracted.
  4. thanx laker :) Pedro ??????:confused: