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    Jan 25, 2002
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    I feel a bit silly saying this, but I realized some time ago I more or less stopped breathing while playing some songs, to the point where I was beginning to feel a bit sick or woozy... I couldn't understand why I was feeling so uncomfortable, thought something was really wrong with me... Now I take care to relax and breathe normally while playing and I don't feel strange anymore.

    Remembered a story my motorcycle riding instructor told me; a girl who was about to take the test for her driver's license was so tense before the test that she basically "forgot" to breathe and fainted, falling over on her bike. So I guess it's possible to feel quite ill if not breathing properly...

    Just thought I'd share. :)
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    Jun 13, 2000
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    Its a simple, yet complex technique. Breathing can be controlled in several different ways. Human respiration is triggered by CO2 levels in the blood. Most commonly the carotid bodies in the aoric arch sense rise and fall in this level and send a signal to the brain stem to increase or decrease the impulse to the phrenic nerve. As we move, sit, sleep, the brain stem send signals to the phrenic nerve which operates the diaphragm at different rates based on CO2 production. The diaphragm recieves the impulse, contracts(pulls down) creating a negative pressue gradient at the mouth and nose. Air flows inward and fills the lungs. Gases are exchanged at the alveolar level(tiny air sacs in the lung), CO2 out-O2 in, with a measure of nitrogen remaining to keep the sac open. Exhalation is passive because of the incease of intrathoracic pressure. The diaphragm relaxes and air flows out.

    Thats the basic physiology of the breathing cyccle, and how it works. In your case, you need to relax. This is a common problem in those that get too focused on a single task. Dont worry, it will pass.

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    Somebody's a smarty pants :D
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    :D ;) :p
  5. ...darn doctors think they know everything...


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    Jul 14, 2003
    Smoke more while playing. And use your headstock as a cigarette holder. That'll remind ya to breathe. ;)

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