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brice douglas 4!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by egotistical, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. well, i just got back from my 1st visit to rondo music... it wasnt really what i was expecting but i guess thats besides the point... i saw this new bass on their site today and i figured since i had some free time id go check it out and some other stuff... anyway, they didnt have that bass in stock (must be on the way there) but when the guy went to go ask his boss about it he came back and told me that they will be getting in brice douglas 4 strings with black block inlays... he said they were on the boat but he wasnt sure when they would arrive... this is good news for me and probably a few of you because im not partial to 5 string and the one douglas 5 that i played for 10 seconds seemed to have a floppy b string
  2. you mean like the natual ash body, maple w/black block inlays right? i'm hoping you do, i've had chronic gas for one of these since i started playing!
  3. yeah... i think so, if the guy didnt tell me much other than it was a brice douglas 4 string and that it definately had black block inlays... i dont know about the metal pickup covers but i could do without those because they got in the way when i was playin a douglas 5... also while i was there i saw that they had a few models that werent on their website... like the bg-205 5 string and the p bass with p & j pickups along with a few others
  4. IF the used name brand bass is already down to $300 in value, how much value would you expect to retain?? Seems to me that, at that point, the bass has already lost it's "value"!

    And why, oh why, is anyone looking at the Brice or Essex basses as an "investment". This bass will NEVER be worth more than $300. So while both an Alembic and a Brice basses lose 50% of their value going out the door, you've lost thousands on the Alembic and about 2 bills on the Brice. These are NOT investment quality instruments. These are hot-roddable players, give-aways, "flyers", throw-aways, knock-arounds, ho's or cheapies. Their value is in the pleasure you get from their play - NOT in resale value.

    It's a moot point to offer the retained value argument when discussing these instruments.
  5. Stinsok

    Stinsok Supporting Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Central Alabama
    I ordered the ash/maple 5 string and it should be here on Wednesday. While I know it is not an Alembic,it should be a lot of fun. I will post an honest review after inspection and it is played for a while. I promise it won't be the usual "I just got my Brice out of the box and it rocks!" review.
  6. i see sx basses that cost 109 new routinely go for around 80-90 bucks used on ebay (sometimes more than that)... thats not much in the way of depreciation... plus with these black block inlays are so sexy to us bassists for whatever reason that i dont see these losing much of their value... if the time ever comes to sell the bass... i think you wouldnt lose much if you listed it properly on ebay
  7. i get a kick out of how much you like these basses smash