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Brice vs Brice

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Horokito, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. I am a proud owner of a Brice V2 6 string fretless and I LOVE the feel of the neck on it. Everything about it is perfect for me. It's nice and flat and has a satin finish that I just cant get enough of. I'm gassing for a fretted 6, and I have some questions about the HXB models. If there is anyone who owns/has played both a V2 and an HXB out there, can you enlighten me as to the differences in the neck feel of the two. The HXB has a lot going for it, but Im very reluctant to buy a bass without trying one before hand. I got lucky with my V2 and got to play an identical one that a friend of mine owns, but I'm having no such luck with the HXB (That is, unless anyone in Metro Atlanta wants to let me play theirs). However if the two feel very similar, Ill go ahead and spring for the HXB. Also, if anyone can post some close-ups of the heel and neck joint on their HXB, I would be most appreciative.
  2. doesnt rondo have a 30 day money back guarantee? im pretty sure they do... so there isnt a ton of risk in purchasing one... i picked up a v2 and a hxb the last time i was at rondo... i only played each for 2 seconds unplugged before realizing i had no business touching a 6 string... anyway i dont remember the difference between the necks but the hxb was heavier if that helps at all
  3. E-rock


    Mar 3, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    I've never played the V2, but I do own an HBX fretless. I love the feel of the neck (it has the satin finish also). It has the string thru body design, and it sounds ten times better once you put some tapered flatwound strings on it. If I were to get another HBX, I'd look into getting that new long scale version. :D
  4. Anyone else have any input?
  5. Yes. I own an HXB long scale. Shut up and buy it already. :p

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