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  1. Hello all. My band might be playing with another local band just starting out. Its just going to be 2 bands, a nice little show. Usually we get a PA guy to come in and do sound for us, but thats only when we have like 4-5 bands playing.
    Anyway, they have a nicer PA than ours. Its just a powered 400w 6 channel PA. We have a 100w 4 channel. We would like to use their PA for the mains and use our PA for monitors. If their PA has a "monitor" or some kind of line out, could we send that to our PA? my real question is that our PA (the equivilant of a Kustom 4100 powered mixer) doesnt have an input besides the 4 main mic inputs. Would it be ok to run the line out from their PA into a mic input on our PA to run the monitors?

    TIA, Pete
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    You "may" not knowing your PA's be able to run a monitor out from his into one of your channels. Or run all the vocals into your PA, run the monitors from your PA like your planned, then run your PA into one of the channels on his PA, and then plug all the instruments into the rest of his channels. I would get together with both PA's and see what works the best before the gig.
  3. Does any of the input channels on your mixer have a 1/4" line in? If so, that's where you plug in the other mixer. Go from the other mixers "monitor send" into the 1/4" in on one of your channels. Start with the gain all the down on that channel.
  4. Thanks guys. My idea was to do what nashville bills idea was. Yes, all four of my channels have 1/4" inputs. Awesome. thanks again!

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