Bridge Design?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a USA Jazz or Precision in the near future and in looking around a local store noticed that the bridge pieces have grooves around them - about 5 like the designer decided that there will be inaccuracies in production so they'd like to have many different positions to put the stings and sort out sting alignment post- production. I am sure (hope) the real reason is to offer some flexibility in the string set-up by the player - but it still looks kind of rough as a piece of engineering. (Have we not moved fwds since the telecaster bridge design?)

    Am I being unjustly critical or do I just not get it? G & L seems sooo much better as a design to do the same job.
  2. That was supposed to be posted as a JPEG not a bitmap.

    Here it is (easier to look at)
  3. Yeah.. the fender looks very flimsy, yet manages to do it's work perfect !
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    Yeah, what Allo said.
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    Apr 17, 2002
    well the fender is stringthrough body thus not having to put strain on the bridge.
    the G&L doesn't putting strain on the bridge.
    and the grooves are to align the strings and to adjust the string spacing.