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    Ok it's not a bass but it has 4 strings and plays lower than a guitar, so...

    For sale a Bridge Draco 4/4 electric cello in a special order one-off custom colour (an absolutely stunning iridescent blue/purple sparkle with lots of depth of colour under different lights), in excellent condition and with everything working as it should.

    I bought this in 2012 from a friend who is a professional cellist. She bought it new from Bridge Instruments some years back and specified the custom finish ( the instrument was made to her order although in all other respects it is the same as a stock Draco).

    Currently strung with Larsen Magnacores but can be strung with Helicores if preferred as they are what new instruments are sold with (easier to play but thinner tone). The cello comes with a serviceable hard case with an ok bow.

    Only for sale as it's sitting idle. I might consider a trade with an NS Design 4 or 5 string cello (I need something more portable as an alternative to acoustic cello).

    Looking for £1250 GBP and I would rather not ship as I’d prefer the buyer to play and check out the cello first. Collection is from Devon although I am regularly in Cornwall and Bristol if either is closer.

    IMG_0669.JPG IMG_0670.JPG IMG_0671.JPG IMG_0672.JPG IMG_0673.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_0676.JPG
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