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  1. I have a fender precision bass and for long time now Ive wanted to add a bridge j pickup. I was wondering how i should go about doing this. I can rout out where the pickup goes no problem Im just not sure about the electronics. ANy suggestions?
  2. sticking with a passive circuit;

    you could go with an extra volume pot for the J p/up (you'll have to change the existing volume pot wiring to allow one p/up to be turned off without affecting the other)- as on the Fender Hotrod P.

    or panpot + existing volume pot. as on P deluxe.

    or as on my Fender P bass plus (P + J) ,3way toggle switch, to which I've added a pullpot on the master volume (Roscoe Beck style) to allow one pickup (in my case, the bridge p/up) to be backed off slightly by a preset amount.

    or, ESH style rotary switch for p/up selection and preset panning.
    I fitted a five way rotary switch to my Warmoth P bass with preset pots to set the "sweet spot" positions.
  3. thanks a lot!