Bridged 410 + 210

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  1. What happens when you bridge a 4-10 (8 ohm) and a 2-10 (8-ohm)
    Eden XLT cabs.
    Will the amp see them as a 6-10? The drivers must be different ohms individually, no?
    Plus the db output is different for each cab.
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    Sep 9, 2000
    Hi, Bob,

    When you say "bridge" you are really speaking about a certain configuration of a stereo power amp which renders it a mono amp. If you are talking about connecting two cabinets together, that is something different. If you connect them in parallel (the typical configuration), the total impedance will be 4 ohms nominal. If they were to be connected in series, 16 ohms.

    Either way, each cabinet will receive half the power of whatever amp you drive them with. This means that the 2x10 will get twice the power *per driver*, which means you will be driving the 2x10 about twice as hard as the 4x10. This may not be a problem, as long as you ensure that the 2x10 is safe with up to half the amp's output.

    In order to get equal power to each driver, the 4x10 would have to be 4 ohms while the 2x10 remains at 8. That would be ideal from the speakers' perspective, but you'd have an odd load of 2.7 ohms (parallel) or 12 ohms (series).

    - Mike
  3. I have a 210xlt and 410xlt that are both rated at 4 ohms. I usually run them in stereo when I bring both along and it gives me a great big sound. The nice thing about this setup is I can bring one or the other cabinet or both depending on the size of the gig and my sound doesn't dramatically change.

    As far as running them in parallel, the 210xlt has a pretty high impedence rating for a smaller cabinet so I doubt you would have a problem.