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Brief First Imp... Schroeder 1210 with Selenium Tweeter Option

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by KJung, May 31, 2005.

  1. More than enough has been said about the sound of Jorg's wonderful cabs. I received my 1210 this weekend, with the Selenium tweeter option. Since most of the reviews and comments have been based on cabs with the 'standard' tweeter, here's my two cents worth on the modification.

    For context, I have been playing the cab in my small practice room using my Walter Woods Ultra and an MTD535 (wenge neck) and a Celinder Update 5. I like an aggressive, sizzly high end in my sound (e.g., Norm Stockton, Marcus Miller, etc). If my opinion on the sound significantly changes after I've had it on a few gigs, I'll update the thread.

    From reading all the comments on the 'mega thread', I was a little concerned that the treble response of the cab might be a little too organic and polite for me (of course, that kind of Accugroove/Acme treble is wonderful also, but it's not the sound I'm going for). I read on the thread that another of Jorg's customers did not particularly like the high end response of his 1210, and Jorg sent a Selenium tweeter replacement.

    Well.... the cab just sizzles!!! The high end is comparable to my Epifani UL cabs... actually Jorg's crossover (to my ears) seems to be set at a higher frequency than the Epi's, so the treble response is even more glassy and crisp. This aggressive, clean high end, combined with that classic Schroeder low-mid punch is just wonderful. :hyper:

    So.... for you slappers and also those of you who like a little 'click' in your fingerstyle sound.... you might want to opt for the Selenium option (it's a no cost option).
  2. pjhandlin

    pjhandlin Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2002
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Sounds nice KJung!

    So if the high end is comparable to your Epi UL cabs, what about the rest of the sonic spectrum?
  3. I am comparing it to the 410UL, so it's not really an 'apples to apples'. The Epi sound is more open throughout the spectrum, and a little 'flatter' below 500hz (IMO). The Schroeder 1210 sound has quite a peak (again IMO) in that 250-500 lower mid range, and obviously does not approach the 410UL in total low end DB's.

    So, in general, I'd describe the Epi line as extremely articulate and precise sounding, with a somewhat pronounced upper mid peak and very open lows and crisp highs. The 1210 matches the UL in the treble range with the Selenium option, and, again to my ear in the limited setting I've A/B'd so far, has a very pronounced low mid 'burp' and a somewhat attenuated low end (again, due to the small cab size compared to the 410UL). That being said, the low end of the Schroeder is very good for a cab its size.

    That 'low mid burb' works very will with the Celinder and MTD, since those basses are a little more 'scooped' in sound compared to other brands/models.

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