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bright flash emitting from my Nemesis :S

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by darkenraja, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Okay. i just about pooed my pants when I saw it, but just recently, I have discovered an awesome tone with my Nemesis NC410 (combo amp). I havent been playing it really that loud until today...when i put it to gig volume, and when i was playing slap...everytime I popped a bright, white flash of light was visible coming through the porthole...***!?

    the surely isnt normal......could the reason be that my newly found EQ is sucking out all the headroom and threatening my amp!?

    ive got the gain to about 10oclock...the master was at 12

    im using hte semi-parametric EQ, bass is at about 2oclock, Mid is dropped a bit, treble is up pretty high (without a dramatic setting on trble i get virtually zero tone coming through, especially when i play slap)

    Im using a GSR200, treble rolled all the way on. not much EQ options on the bass...
  2. DougP


    Sep 4, 2001
    sounds like the tweeter fuse blew. especially if you got the highs EQd way up.

    i saw an Eden (just coincidence) do that at a show. it was pretty cool looking actually. :ninja:
  3. That is most likely the tweeter protection circuit. Many cabs use a small lightbulb as part of the protection circuit. If you put too much power into the tweeter, the lightbulb starts to light up, in effect limiting the input to the tweeter so you don't damage it.

    While this is normal and will not result in any damage, if the light is constantly coming on, it's an indication you are pushing your cab beyond its designed output... I would reduce the treble control a little bit on your amp/bass so that you only see the light come on occasionally during your loudest playing.
  4. cheers for the reply. yeah, i think mayube too much treble on the amp.... i am getting my new spector soon, that has full EQ on the bass...will the same problem occur if I get a similar sound going? or does it all dpend on the bass.
  5. Probably the same thing if you are really pushing the amp to its limits. Getting a good slap sound at loud volumes really is the ultimate test for an amp.... it usually takes lot's of clean power and headroom, due to the extreme spikes that occur when you wack on the string.

    However, if I can assume you are a somewhat beginning slapper, one of the big 'mistakes' players make when starting out is popping and slapping with too heavy of a touch. With practice, you should be able to match your slap and pop volume with your standard finger style playing. While the peaks will still occur, they should be managable, and your 'clipping' issue should be reduced. Also, you should be able to go back and forth between a decent fingerstyle sound and slap sound with virtually no EQ changes (i.e., cranking the teble and/or cutting the mids). That will help the situation also... if you are doing a somewhat 'smiley face' EQ, that will result in the amp working very hard, since you are pumping lots of 'power eating' lows into your amp and speaker, and lots of sizzly highs that are pushing your tweeter. This, combined with the fact that this sort of sound needs a lot of volume to punch through a mix (resulting in turning up the amp more and more), can end up really punishing an amp.

    Hope that makes sense... good luck!

    PS A compressor/limiter can help with this situation also until you get your chops totally together... i.e., it will take some of the 'peaks' out of your signal, resulting in the amp working a little less hard.

    Good luck.
  6. yes! very much appreciated :D:D

    as for hte limiter/enhancers Do you have any suggestions as a decent one(s) to buy?


  7. I think most agree that the Demeter pedal (I think it's called a 'compulator' or something like that) is among the best small pedal compressors around. The EBS unit is also great, but quite pricey.
  8. ibz


    Apr 14, 2005
    Columbus, OH
    Great advice.

    Saved me some typing too. ;)

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