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Bright without Finger Noise?

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by stepswork4me, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. How doable is it? Are there strings that provide the bright sound of round steels without finger noise? I know some of you will speak of technique. I play mostly with my finger tips except with chording. My style is up and down the neck quite a bit for harmonics and tapping so I'm really just looking for string possibilities.
  2. hotbass57


    Nov 27, 2011
    I ue DR coated punchy and no noise. I also use GHS Infinty Steel coated. Bassstringsonline have the GHS for $8 a set. Just got two and will get two more next week.
  3. I'm normally a DR guy... I've got Black Beauties on my acoustic but that noise is still very present.
  4. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    GHS Pressurewounds.
  5. bassdude51

    bassdude51 Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Central Ohio
    +1 Pressurewound rounds. Other than that, find that fine line of compromise with your hi freq eq that gets you your brightness but lessens your finger noise.
  6. So, maybe try out the Roto 55's? I'm a steel guy, also. Any recommendations on pressurewound steels? Like I said, I'm a DR guy and have been for 20 years. Hmmmm....
  7. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
  8. SLaPiNFuNK

    SLaPiNFuNK Commercial User

    Jul 28, 2006
    LA California
    Owner: BassStringsOnline.com
    Alloy 52 = Nickel Iron Alloy... 48% Iron / 52% Nickel

    Since Iron has magnetic properties, Nickel Iron strings tend to have more output than Nickel Plated Steel or Stainless Steel. Nickel iron Alloy also is more resistant to corrosion so Nickel Iron strings tend to have a longer live than SS / NPS strings.
  9. Dig, I just restrung with hi-beams. When they die I won't have any issue with putting out $29 for a set.
  10. Thanks for the help.
  11. Bassamatic

    Bassamatic keepin' the beat since the 60's Supporting Member

    I also have DR Black Beauties on one bass. Love the sound but hate the finger noise.

    Best compromise - Elixirs.
  12. martyonbass


    Dec 16, 2009
    I have liked S.I.T. Silencers. Pretty good bright sound and quiet on the string noise.
  13. .
    I find D'Addario chromes perfect for a bright sound with no finger noise.

    Mind you, I haven't tried as many different strings as many other guys on TB, maybe there are even better ones for this purpose.

    For me, for now, chromes are the ones.
  14. Toptube

    Toptube Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2009
    S.I.T. Silencers are one of the few strings I've found that legitimately help with finger noise in a predictable way. They are a little grabby, though. If you need to play really fast, you may not like the feel.

    DR's Dragon's skins do a good job of muting finger noise and still feature a decently bright sound. For Contrast: As much as I like elixirs, I don't feel like the coating reduces finger noise at all. Though I'm not really looking for that and I don't think they advertise that, either.

    Even a differently voiced nickel roundwound can help. DR's Sunbeams seem to have a brilliant/dazzling quality to their highs (Elixirs are similar) which isn't always so great for finger noise. I find Roto's nickels or Webstring's nickes to have highs that are focused on a slightly lower frequency and therefore aren't as noisy with my fingers.

    GHS progressives are pretty bright strings----but they are the smoothest feeling roundwound I have ever touched. I think they are technically a pressurewound. The smoothness may help with finger noise.
  15. Rip Topaz

    Rip Topaz

    Aug 12, 2005
    Willow Street, PA
    Beta tester for Positive Grid
    +1. Chromes will do exactly what you want.
  16. bassdude51

    bassdude51 Supporting Member

    Nov 1, 2008
    Central Ohio
    There can be grounding issues with coated strings!
  17. Coolhandjjl

    Coolhandjjl Supporting Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    Here's a completely different approach...Roto 77's. Steel flats, yes, but they sound like Roto 66's w/o the finger noise. I just strung up my first set yesterday, but they're coming off as the tension is too high for my tastes. They aren't for everybody.
  18. High tension sucks for tapping and vibrato.