Brimstone Crossover Distortion or Fuzzrocious Cat King

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Tom Schelfaut, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Tom Schelfaut

    Tom Schelfaut

    Jul 2, 2018

    I have a shot at buying either the Brimstone Crossover Distortion or the Fuzzrocious Cat King second hand. I don't have a distortion pedal yet, as I've only recently picked up the bass (previously guitar for 15 years), so I want my first one to be a keeper.

    I've been researching a lot on distortion pedals, but I can't decide now, so I thought to ask for some opinions!

    The Cat King (Fuzzrocious stuff in general) seems to get a lot of love around here, but hasn't really convinced me THAT much from listening to demos... There's just not a lot of good demos available. The lack of a blend option bothers me as well.

    The Crossover Distortion on the other hand sounds great in a few videos, and I like the whole idea of signal splitting, which seems to be even better than a blend option. It does however seems to be a somewhat unknown pedal for some reason...

    The price for both is about the same second hand and both are very hard to come by in Europe (especially the Brimstone).

    Another option would be the Jam Pedals Rattle Bass, which has a blend option and is much simpler to dial in (only 4 knobs). But there is literally no info on that pedal anywhere, nor a demo. I just like the simplicity of it, I don't know...
  2. 2010P

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    May 13, 2017
    I own both.

    Brimstone- Super surgical precision over your distortion tone. Pseudo clean blend because you can keep your lows cleaner than the highs if you want. Great flexibility to make your sound slice thru. BUT, the essential distortion tone is rather sterile and leaves a lot of people feeling flat. Hence why it is not the most popular pedal on TB. Look for a VFE RUP as an alternative. Awesome pedal with much more character.

    Cat King-Super grindey, amazing feel under the fingers, very easy to dial in a tone, and the character of the distortion is, IMO, much more pleasing to the ears. Can be clean blended with a blend pedal. Has great and cutting mids and 3 diode options, all of which sound very different to one another. I can't think of any negatives.

    Between the two, I'd go for the Fuzzro.
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