bringing a bass on a plane

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  1. Tomorrow im flying out from the U.S. to Argentina. Anyone know what i should to with my bass? I figure either ill bring it in a bag and put it in the overhead compartments, or put it in a hardshell case and check it in. Any suggestions?

    this is my first time traveling the airways with my bass and i really dont know what to do.:bag:
  2. chadds


    Mar 18, 2000
    SKB hardshell case with the bass in a gigbag inside.

    If you arrive with a gig bag alone and they won't let you put it above you will have to check it in the gig bag which would be disastrous. So come with a hardshell case and check it.
    Regular sized basses exceed the Trans specs in length and they may or may not let you carry it on. That will be at the gate and you may have to give it to them there to check. Very stressful.
    I took a Guild Ashbory in a Viola hardcase no problem. They didn't even search it.
  3. I wouldn't fully trust a regular hardshell case unless it's ATA rated. Nor would I just show up with a gig bag. There are size limitations with overhead stowage, and you have to share with other flyers too...

  4. That would make a great Samuel L. Jackson vehicle.

    "I need too get this mutha****** bass onto this mutha******* plane.

    And then off at my destination, without causing any damage or undue strain onto my instrument."

  5. lmao that was exactly what i was thinking when i saw the thread title
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    bronx, nyc
    walk your bass to the gate

    ask for gate check in

    walk to plane door

    hand bass to cargo guy

    last into the cargo hold, first out

    this is how they handle baby strollers and wheelchairs...


  7. Get the bass flight case at It's $90 or so, and I've taken my Geddy J across the country multiple times with it via regular old baggage check, no problem at all.
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    Mar 22, 2002
    Well, I travel from NYC to Arg a couple of months ago with 2 basses (+wife and toddler). Brought one in a gigbab in the overhead compartment and the other went as luggage within a HSC. Both arrived perfectly (well the last one was a bit "humid" due to lower temperatures, but nothing to worry about after a good setup).

    If you need any further help once you`re in Argen tina feel free to contact me. Good luck.