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  1. I did my first string change on my P.O.S. Rogue 5-string and the B string guage was (apparently) too large for the groove in the nut, so the nut gave way and snapped off on the side. No, I didn't try to force it, I was checking the guage when it snapped. Should I bother trying to get this fixed on such a "junker" bass? Is there maybe a way I could repair this myself?

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    Nah, the bass isn't a junker just because of the nut. Back in the early 80's, my 1st gig with my brand new Music Man Cutlass (stingray w/graphite neck), the nut broke so that the E string flopped off the neck... thank goddess for having a backup! I had the nut replaced by a qualified professional, and would suggest you do the same.

    BTW, even though I no longer play 4-string, I still own that '83 Cutlass bass because it is such a cool bass.
  3. but then again, it is a rouge...
  4. geshel


    Oct 2, 2001
    Plastic nut?

    Super-glue it!

    I did that years ago on my first bass and it's lasted since then.
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    Apr 6, 2000
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    Make sure you use just a dab of glue where you need it. If you overdo it, you could be asking for trouble down the road.
  6. I wasn't saying it was a junker because of the nut, I was saying it was a junker because it's a Rogue ;) .

    Thanks for all of the advice, though. I'm giving the SuperGlue idea a shot.
  7. Or, get a new nut. How much do new nuts cost in USA? Here, they cost $2, fitted.