broken output jack on semi-hollow body

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  1. mashed potatoes

    mashed potatoes

    Nov 11, 2003
    today, i arrive home from school and my mother tells me that the output jack on one of my basses is broken, and she's afraid to move it. she directs me to a semi-hollow body that i don't use often, and tells me to look at it. i lift it up and see that the output jack has been pushed inward with the patch cable still attached to it. i noticed that all of the wood around it is extremely thin, and that it's no wonder that it broke. there's quite a decent amount of large-sized splinters still stuck inside the body, and the output jack is still inside as well. can this be repaired at a standard guitar store? and how much is this going to set me back? it's really such a shame to see this happen to a bass with such a pretty finish on it :crying:
  2. It's bad and it's not likely to be fixed by the everyday guitar store. If the instrument is a valuable one, you should definitely shop around for a qualified repairman. Even if it's not valuable but simply a player to keep you should have someone qualified assess the damage. You can't guess on a price because all repairmen will have different shop rates and each a slightly different approach to the repair.

    Good luck.

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