Brooklyn Jazz 5str P/J Custom $2700AUD obo + shipping

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  1. For sale only. No trades thanks!

    Hi all,

    with heavy heart I have to part with this beauty.
    Lovingly crafted in Japan by Hajime of Sleek Elite who builds for Ken Smith and uses timber from Ken's lumber yard.
    I have owned many basses in my 25+yrs of playing and these are, by far, the best built basses I have come across. I own 2 of them (other is my J black beauty) and this one will go as it is in the mintiest of condition. It would def suit a new bass buyer!
    It is lovely to play from top to toe and is also a Plek'd instrument. One word; buttery!
    Well balanced and very comfy too.
    It is strung up and set up with a set of balanced Circle K 136ers and I have the original strings (Foderas i think?) which are basically new/unused as I have a penchant for the Circle Ks these days.
    The Nordy p/us do a stellar job in this configuration and the pre (when engaged) is the most transparent I have ever played. The pre also has dip switches under the hood if you want to put a bit of flavour - Hajime says; Aguilar, Glock, Bart pre flavours are available by tweaking the dip switches - the changes are subtle and I certainly like the way it sounds "as is".
    **Disclosure** **There is one blemish on this bass on the upper rear bout top edge that you have to look very hard to find. It occurred when a large item fell off my wall (nice hanging job duh!) just grazing the bass as it sat on a stand on it's way down. It cut a few layers into the paintwork. It has been clear filled and polished over by a luthier which means you cannot feel it and is barely noticeable by eye. (see last 2 pics)**
    It has been scarcely played and never gigged as I prefer to beat up the older basses and keep this one pristine. It was my first custom ordered bass!

    $2700AUD obo + shipping (Buyer and/or I can organise quotes)

    Model : BR695
    Neck : 1pc. Hardrock Maple from Ken Smith
    Fingerboard : Morado from Ken Smith
    with Blocks and Binding (White)
    Body : Ash Top & Back w/ Alder Core
    Neck Pickup : Nordstrand NP5
    Bridge Pickup : Nordstrand Big Single 5
    Preamp : Brooklyn Original w/active/passive pull/push knob, active 2 Band EQ (bass and treble boost)
    Bridge : Hipshot Style 'A' with holes for String-thru Body
    Control : Master Volume / Balancer / Tone / Bass / Treble
    Color : Olympic White with Matching Headstock
    Weight : Approx 4.7kgs
    Case : moulded hardcase

    A quote from Brian Barret - owner LEJ basses/store - Talkbass 30-11-2008;
    "As far as the Brooklyn basses, Hajime has gone way out of his way to try and offer what he feels as the best instrument from the woods chosen to the shape of the neck to the feel, fit and finish. The Brooklyn basses are with out question equal or better than those that try and claim the 3-4K mark with much less quality. I spent a good amount of time with the two basses today and I have sadowsky's NYC & Metro's, Alleva Coppola's(been a big fan), LEJ's(Im Bias, many have given me a big head about these LOL), Nordstrands, STR's, Pensa.. you name it...

    Hajime has done a wonderful Job and spared no expense! Just figure his cost in wood from Ken and shipping it over to Japan for these basses. He has tried to offer the Best fit, finish, feel.... Most Builder builds an instrument because there is something they feel is not being offered.... Some do build for the desire of just offering a model to fit into the market where they might not be for a buck, but many builders build an instrument because they feel there is a void for something they desire and hope others will find their instrument and feel the same way.... I know that was my goal, I know it was Hajimes.... I know it was Jimmy C. as well when he closed his store to just build.

    Sleek Elite website:

    Please contact me with any questions and of course if you can get to Brisbane (Qld Australia) central, you can try this baby out!

    Now for some pics!!!!