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brothers and strings don't mix!!!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by tyburn, Feb 18, 2001.

  1. brother was being an ass last night, really annoying ( a typical g'tarist) anyway,, i detuned all the strings without him looking and he just played on with it!!,, stupid,,

    anyway,, go upstairs at 10 to have a quiet practice,, to find wobbly bit's of metal where my once perfect strings were,,arrh,, started to tune them all back in,, but couldn't get the E right,, still can't

    it sounds,, well not like it was 2 hours before the event,,

    very dull, flat, hollow,, and it buzzes without hitting any fret,, i'm gonna castrate him,, so i've had to ordered some new strings

    the strings i had on were those 45-105 d'angelo ss,, i didn't like them from the start,, bass tech put em on when i got some work done,,,((he just cut a brand new pair of elites off((british)),, so i've ordered some elites 45-105 ss and hopefully they'll come by monday got a lesson at 5

    has this happened to anyone else??,,,,,,i'm gonna keep them,, boil them and see if i can return them to there once shining glory,, the cost me £15