SOLD Broughton Audio Low + High Pass Filter

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  1. trmckenz


    Aug 20, 2020
    For sale is a brand new Broughton Audio Low + High Pass Filter pedal. Top of the market, it features an adjustable high-pass filter (HPF), an adjustable low-pass filter (LPF), and 20db of clean gain.

    I just purchased this pedal directly from the builder. It is brand new and opened only for taking pictures. No cable has been plugged into it.

    The only reason I am selling is because I do not need the LPF and already purchased a HPF-only version of this pedal. Save a few bucks and avoid the hassles of international shipping by buying here. $150 shipped to continental US, or free delivery in Austin, TX.

    IMG-2329.jpg IMG-2330.jpg IMG-2331.jpg
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    record sale? Nice!
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