SOLD Broughton Batch: Calamity-FFXL-ParaEQ-OmniComp-Always on HPF-CIOKS Schizophrenic Power Supply

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    Broughton Batch: Broughton Calamity, Broughton Filter FX Loop, Broughton Parametric Equalizer, Broughton OmniComp, Broughton Always on HPF, and also a CIOKS Schizophrenic Power Supply.

    Everything works great. Not interested in separating at this time as this would be an ultimate batch/bunch of Christmas presents.

    Shipped and sold Contiguous United States (CONUS) Only. PayPal F&F preferred, but will work with you if you insist on PayPal G&S. No trades please. I’ll be glad to provide more pics since I just streamlined them for clarity. Thank you.

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