SOLD Broughton HPF&LPF Pedal/ countryman type85 di /bbe opto /Polytune2

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  1. cashpoor51


    Feb 12, 2010
    new jersey
    New Jersey
    Broughton HPF&LPF w/gain(SOLD)
    140.00 buyer pays shipping
    I bought it about 4 months ago
    Little use I purchased the HPF standalone and is all I need
    Has Velcro

    Countyman type85 di box
    very good condition
    85.00 buyer pays shipping

    BBE optostomp Compressor
    45.00 buyer pays shipping
    in fair condition

    Truetone buffer
    works thats all i can say
    25.00 buyer pays shipping

    PolyTune2 Tuner
    very good condition
    65.00 buyer pays shipping

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