SOLD Broughton P-15 with Gator case

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    New York
    For sale only, no trades, is a mint Broughton P-15 preamp That comes with a padded gator gig bag. If you don’t know what this is you should. Essentially an Ampeg B-15 preamp in a box, tubes and all. Amazing tone live or in the studio. Just more hardware that I need these days.

    $650 shipped with the case and power supply 462FC84A-E18B-4A41-B501-9417782272E5.jpeg 6AE59A4E-3B16-4316-BCCB-7B06521BA0E6.jpeg 740E5B38-A29A-4C3D-9290-2D08C58033A4.jpeg
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    Jun 12, 2014
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    An excellent deal, these are 650 plus 40 shipping if you are lucky enough to be able to order one plus the case, which works nicely, is another 40. GLWTS
  3. And sold
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    34 minutes. Not bad.
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    Sigh. How did I miss this.
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    I hear you. Damn life getting in the way....arg..