For Sale Broughton, Spaceman, Mantic, and Mountainking

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  1. Price:
    For sale only. I have to pay off a bass I bought.


    Mantic Densitybrute - low frequency EQ. Controls are level, 60 Hz and 30 Hz. Boost your low end! $125 shipped in US.

    Spaceman Atlas III - clean boost with amazing character. You'd be hard pressed to find a cheaper Spaceman pedal - they have a stellar reputation. Comes with box, no velcro. Near mint condition. Vintage indicator light works but takes a while to warm up and isn't very bright. Color is light blue. Comes with original box and all swag. $145 shipped. Atlas III SOLD

    Broughton Super Stack - fantastic tube boost/EQ. This one hurts to sell but I have to raise funds. $280 shipped - almost what I paid for it with shipping. Has velcro. SOLD

    Mountainking Stone 128 - super rare (1 of only 6 made) dirty boost/OD pedal. Very cutting character that works well in a mix. Full description below. $150 shipped. SOLD

    All prices are shipped within continental US. Thanks for looking!
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  2. From the Mountainking description on reverb: Mountainking Electronics Stone 128 Bass Booster/Overdrive | Mountainking Electronics | Reverb


    STONE 128

    The Stone 128 is a bass booster/overdrive pedal designed around a single NOS AC128 germanium transistor. The transistors are hand picked from a a small batch purchased by Alan many years ago. This particular batch has a warm, round sound, with soft clipping and big dominant low end. Less than half of the transistors tested had a high enough HFE (gain) to fire up properly within the circuit so the Stone 128 will be a ultra limited edition pedal.

    With the DRIVE control cranked up high, you’ve got tons of preamp smashing power on tap. At all settings the circuit stays touch sensitive and dynamic, and cleans up really well with your guitars volume knob.

    While designed with bass in mind, the Stone 128 sounds great on guitar as well, conjuring early electric blues break-up taking you to the “red house” and beyond…

    There are six are available, sold exclusively here, in our reverb store…


    BIAS: Germanium transistors are sensitive to temperature changes, this knob allows you to fine tune operating voltage of the AC128 transistor. You will need to adjust this for best performance from time to time. To set up the pedal for maximum headroom and sustain, pick lightly with the DRIVE knob turned fully clockwise. Adjust the BIAS knob for maximum clean signal volume. There will be a sweet spot in the knobs rotation where the signal comes into focus. Note, there may be some positions where the sound will cut out.

    CLIPPING VOICE: This two position toggle switch determines how the signal is clipped. Position one is more open and less distorted. Position two is more compressed and offers more distortion. The difference between the two voices is most pronounced at higher drive settings.

    DRIVE: Controls the signal level coming into the circuit. Turning the knob to the right increases the clipping as well as the output level.

    FILTER: Low pass filter, fully clockwise is zero attenuation, turning the knob to the left allows you to roll of degrees of high end.

    OUTPUT: This is the master volume control.


    100% Handmade

    Original, analog circuit design

    Hand selected N.O.S. transitors

    Built with high quality components to ensure years of reliability

    True bypass switching

    Can be powered by a 9v battery or standard BOSS style 9v DC adapter

    Consumes 0.57 ma of current"
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    WHOA! Super Stack alert!!! GLWTS, as if!
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    Damn, just when Im tapped out a superstack comes up... Darn.
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    PM'd on SS
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  6. Super Stack and Stone are on hold.
  7. Super Stack is sold.
  8. Atlas is sold.
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  9. Stone is sold. Mantic DensityBrute is still available.