Brownsville/Eagle Basses

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  1. Guess what I'm getting? Yeah, a Brownsville bass!! But in the UK I believe they are called Eagle. I tried one out at the music store down about 3 blocks away from me and I was amazed. It has all of the quilities I love: very light-weight, absurdly too high output, and an incredible bright tone. Its used and im getting it for $325 but it is active and has got some good strings on it. Its also has 26 frets! wow, I might need them someday too. but anyway if anyone has any more info about them. GOOD?? BAD??
  2. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Practically the entire Eagle line of instruments (which is a helluva many guitars and basses) was designed by a Swedish music store owner (or maybe just the manager), Jerker Antoni. I've played quite a few of their basses and I can't say I dug any of them. I really liked the playability of a fretless 6-string I saw in one store, but it didn't have the tone.

    If you're on a budget, they will do the trick, but even on a budget I personally would look elsewhere before going the Eagle route. If YOU like it, cool, that's ALL that matters! :)

    If you go to JAM's (Antoni's music store chain) website,, and click on the links for "Basar, el" (= electric basses), and "Gitarrer, el" (= electric guitars), you'll see that they carry the entire line of Eagle instruments. Which model did you get?

    They also sell Eagle cables and strings, BTW.

    26 frets, you say, but what good is that when access beyond fret 24 is limited?