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  1. anyone who owns or knows about Brubakers.... I'm looking in your direction FunkyCarnivore..;) I was looking at gorgeous fretless 5 on ebay a while ago (and wishing I could afford to bid on it!) and I was wondering what the scoop was on the two bolts about halfway down the body (on the back). There are two bolts in the regular neck bolt positions and these two others. Does the neck go that far into the body or what? Someone enlighten me. Thanks.
  2. Brad Johnson

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    Mar 8, 2000
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  3. Brad already got it...I just thought I'd add that I was the winner of that five string fretless and it's on its way to me at the moment! Here's a review I wrote of my original Brubaker (which I just sold to fellow TB'er PJR) that has a photo and a tonal evaluation of the neck-thru-bolt-on system:
  4. Cool, thanks guys! I couldn't seem to get the website working, earlier, but it's working now. Interesting concept. I need to play one now. FC, congrats on the fretless, it looks absolutely beautiful!
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    Jun 20, 2001
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    ......What Funky said is absolutely 100% in my book.

    (great review had been a while since I read/saw that......and now that very same bass is MINE !!!! mwahhhh ........)

    Kevin B makes great instruments.....with great attention to detail, both asthetically and musically!

    Funky's (now mine ) will be my 2nd with most of the Dudes I know .....having more than one brubaker.

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    Aug 6, 2001
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    Just my 2 cents here - these are perhaps one of the nicest: made, playing, versitile sounding, looking basses available.
    Brubakers, IMO, are a steal at their current pricing (new or used). I predict (and I am sure Jerome will agree!) these intstruments will increase substantially in value very soon - one of the best kept secrets right now - if you can find one of these used for less than $1500 - grab it quick!!


    (went to Keven Brubakers shop to see about ordering one in October - left with a stock one - ordered a custom one and snapped up a real deal off ebay - all within 5 days!)