SOLD Brubaker Single-Cut Natural w/SimS Pickups/Providence Vitalizer Preamp/2015

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  1. leviathan7

    leviathan7 Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    New York
    In Excellent condition, ships with a Gig Bag. Features Factory installed SimS pickups and Providence Vitalizer 3 band preamp.

    SimS Pickups are proud to introduce a totally new concept in bass pickup technology...
    Welcome the 'Super Quad'!
    "it's like having 15 pickups in one bass"!
    Similar to our "Super 8" pickup used to great effect in our Enfield basses, our "Super Quad" pickup exploits the use of multiple coils in each pickup enclosure.
    When connected to our totally unique "TRI-LOGIC" switching system you are ready to select a multitude of tones straight from the pickups themselves enabling you to switch between split-coil (red), single-coil (green) and hum-cancelling (blue) with just the simple flick of a switch.
    With it's tri colour L.E.D. it is simple to identify and navigate any of the pickup models that you have chosen.

    The Super Quad pickup comes complete with one Tri-Logic switch and SimS Super Quad wiring loom. The pickup also comes complete with a wiring diagram which can also be downloaded from our website if needed or if you wanted to look now before you buy!

    If you haven't heard of SimS Pickups before or the Super Quad then you may be asking 'what are they and what makes them so special'?

    Well each Super Quad pickup exploits the use of multiple coils in each pickup enclosure and then when connected to our unique Tri-Logic switching system enables you to switch between these coils and select a multitude of tones straight from the pickup.

    With its built-in tri colour L.E.D. its simple to identify and navigate what coils you are using, in red mode you have a split coil, in green mode you have a single coil and in blue mode you have full hum-cancelling - that helps prevent losing player's unique passive sound from electric bass and converts the signal to powerful and vivid low impedance signal.

    ●Active Impedance Converter Vitalizer-B1
    The Vitalizer-B1 applied the Vitalizer, that makes sure the sound doesn't get too Hi-Fi while respecting instrument's character of sound signals for onboard on bass.
    By designed to secure big headroom, output and wide frequency range, it converts to low impedance signal without losing bass’ natural sound.
    While the signal from Vitalizer-B1 doesn’t seem like anything changed, the strong signal from bass that we set the sound image from 5m cable will be a great tool for you as it helps release from stress of noise and signal degradation from long instrument cables and many pedals connected in between the bass and amp.

    ●Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1
    The Vitalizer Bass Preamp VP-B1 is a miniaturized version of our bass preamp pedal, DBS-1 with Vitalizer-B1 circuit to be used as an onboard bass preamp.
    It provides clean, minimized distortion with wide range output, and the noise level is less than -100dbu even when it’s ran with 9VDC.
    The EQ section employs the EQ curve that doesn’t falls on some of the frequency from passive tone and active treble section.It is designed to demonstrate the passive tone well even in active. The EQ control uses custom W curve pot that boost/cut Treble/Mid/Bass smoothly.
    The VP-B1-3 comes with 3 custom EP Pots (Treble/Mid/Bass).

    ●VP-B1 Specifications
    ・EQ : Treble:3kHz±15dB/Mid:220Hz or 440Hz or 1kHz±15dB/Bass:60Hz±15dB (All Peaking)
    ・Input Impedance:1MΩ
    ・Output Impedance:470Ω
    ・Noise Level:Less than -100dBu以下
    ・Power Consumption:Approximately 2.7mA @ 9V
    ・Module Size:27mm(W)×14mm(H)×50mm(D)
    ・Weight:Approximately 20g(Module)

    ●VP-B1-2 Specifications
    ・Controls : Master Volume(Active/Passive SW), Balance, Tone, Treble/Bass

    Brubaker is expanding their Brute Bass series this year with the addition of the MJXSC line of basses. The new 5-string models sport a single-cut body design while keeping a low price point.

    Weighing in at 10ish pounds, the MJXSC sports an ash body and a bolt-on maple neck with a slim taper contour. The rosewood fingerboard has a compound radius of 16˝ at the nut and 20˝ at the last 22nd fret.

    Brubaker Brute MJXSC Bass Specs:
    * Strings: 5
    * Body Shape: Single Cut
    * Body Wood: Ash
    * Neck: Maple
    * Neck Shape: Slim Taper Contour
    * Frets: 22
    * Fret Size: Medium Jumbo
    * Position Inlays: Black Side Position INlays
    * Fretboard: Rosewood
    * Fretboard Radius: Compound Radius; 16˝ at nut, 20˝ at last fret
    * Nut Width: 1.75˝
    * String Spacing: 19mm
    * Scale: 34˝
    * Truss Rod Nut: Double Action
    * Pickups: Sims
    * Electronics: Providence Vitalizer 3 band
    * Hardware: Nickel/Chrome
    * Bridge: Brubaker High Mass Bridge
    * String Nut: Graphlon
    * Colors: Natural
    Product Specs
    Brubaker Single Cut 5
    SimS Pickups & Providence Vitalizer Preamp
    5-String or More

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  2. leviathan7

    leviathan7 Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    Looking for Sire5 + cash or Mesa Subway D-800
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  3. StevieM


    May 10, 2016
    Logan, WV
    Man, I've really been wanting to try that Sims outfit for a minute now. That's as versatile as it gets. Great deal here.
  4. leviathan7

    leviathan7 Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    Looking for Sire5 + cash, Mesa Subway D-800 or Genzler Magellan.
  5. firefighta115


    Oct 23, 2010
    Texas (close to Houston)
    Phil Jones Bass, ZON basses, Darkglass Electronics, La Bella Strings
    Would this be the Brute that was at the PJB booth at NAMM this past January?
  6. leviathan7

    leviathan7 Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2011

  7. firefighta115


    Oct 23, 2010
    Texas (close to Houston)
    Phil Jones Bass, ZON basses, Darkglass Electronics, La Bella Strings
    I've had the pleasure of playing this bass!!! It's a killer for sure. Performed with my drummer at the Aquarian booth down the row with it. Great deal here.
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