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  1. i was just wondering if any of their models are any good. i was just looking at their site and they have no pricing listed so if you can tell me how much they cost it would be nice too. also i saw that one of their models has a coco bolo neck and if i can get any feed back on that it would be great.
  2. Yes, I think they are pretty good ;)

    Actually, I own three Brubakers--they are all NBS 5 strings. I'm not sure if they are producing any other bass models at the moment, but they do have two cool models in development: a semi-hollow, and a single cutaway. There's about a four month wait on custom orders, but from time to time they have some on sale for a little less than a custom one should cost. I'm not really supposed to discuss pricing, but for an idea of what they should cost, check eBay or just email them. I think you'll find they cost a little bit less than you might expect.

    All of mine have the maple neck in satin finish--I just like maple necks--so I can't tell you about the cocobolo neck option.

    I just got my newest Brubaker one week ago, but here is a link to a review that I wrote of the first one:

    Good luck, and let me know if you need more info.
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    I also just got my new Brubaker !!!

    (Funky turned me on....)

    Here's mine: ( yea...that's a cocobola board )