Bruce Hornsby's Bass Player..C.V...Live

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    Oct 27, 2000
    Roanoke, Va.
    I just picked up the new Bruce Hornsby Live CD. "Here Come
    the Noise Makers" This CD Just blew me away!!! Being
    a Virginia boy..(Bruce is from Williamsburg I am from Roanoke).
    This CD has everything...Jazz, Rock. Funk,Latin ,Bluegrass??
    It is a double CD with 2 hours of music...I am on my second
    time around tonight. C.V. Colier (I hope I spelled it right..small print and I am old) is such a great bass player!. Man he goes through so many types of music and...has about 5 or 6 very good solo spots. He plays a Smith 6 (and a Modulus 5 in the
    Bass player Mag. review) A 2 min. bass solo/lead in "The Way
    is"!! I will give this one a 15 out of 10!!
    Check it out and enjoy.