Bryan Beller (Mike Keneally, Steve Vai) solo album info

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  1. Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty much a whore for Bryan Beller, who’s recorded with Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins, Mullmuzzler, Steve Vai, Z, etc., so I thought I'd pass along the latest information.

    Beller's solo debut, "View" will be released on October 28th via several online distributors such as CDbaby, Amazon, Guitar 9 and other through Beller's new label, Onion Boy Records (according to Beller, this is due to both his perfectionist nature and the timetable involved - no label he talked to could have the CD out by his Taylor Guitar Clinic tour this fall).

    A few factoids about the recording;

    Recorded and mixed by Nick D'Virgilio at Lawnmower and Garden Supplies Studio (yes, the Lawnmower studio where Kevin Gilbert used to record)

    Guitar: Mike Keneally, Rick Musallam, Griff Peters, Yogi
    Drums: Joe Travers, Toss Panos
    Keyboards: Jeff Babko, Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller
    Percussion: Fausto Cuevas, Tricia Steel
    Lead vocals: Colin Keenan, Bryan Beller
    Backing vocals: Rick Musallam, Wes Wehmiller, Mike Keneally, Nick D'Virgilio
    Bass: Bryan Beller, Wes Wehmiller

    Bear Divide
    Seven Percent Grade
    Supermarket People
    Get Things Done
    Eighteen Weeks
    See You Next Tuesday

    Sample Tracks:

    Seven Percent Grade
    Guitar - Rick Musallam
    Piano - Mike Keneally
    Drums - Joe Travers
    Bass - Bryan Beller

    See You Next Tuesday
    Baritone guitar - Mike Keneally
    Drums - Toss Panos
    Bass - Bryan Beller

    Updated "View" page here - revised website and Onion Boy site coming October 1st.
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    Cool to see another Beller fan here. He is definately too little known- fab player and good guy.
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    Beller is an animal. Go follow them links in the first post of this thread and give Seven Percent Grade and See You Next Tuesday a listen.

    I have heard the entire album already, being friends with The Man helps. It's abso-figgin-lutely amazing. I can't comment further on it right now, as per Beller's request. You just wait and see.