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For Sale BSX 2000 5 String EUB Prototype with stand and case

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by jrlynch, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Price:
    BSX 2000 5 String. This is an early BSX Prototype, as I understand from someone who worked on the initial marketing of these beasts. It's in excellent shape, rarely gigged, it has though been tweaked a lot over the years. Specifically:

    The paint on behind the neck has been stripped and given a simple oil finish. Not the prettiest in the world, but MUCH more playable than the original slick black enamel.

    The original magnetic pickups/preamp have been pulled from the beast, and replaced with a simple K&K Double Big Twin/five string http://kksound.com/products/doublebigtwin.php The original pickup system was prone to crazy noise issues.

    It plays like a charm, I understand the setup was tweaked by Mike Shank.

    Strings are Evah Pirazzi Medium with a Spirocore Medium low B. They're in great shape.

    Comes with a custom fitted case which is in perfect shape, and a most sturdy stand.

    I'm thinking $650 PayPal shipped to the lower 48.



    More Pix:






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  2. Sold!
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