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BTB now with barts!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bigfeet, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Very cool! :cool:
  2. phogchris

    phogchris www.scarsoflife.com

    May 27, 2000
    Boca Raton, FL
    Does anyone know if these Barts are the same ones or similiar to the ones in the Lakland Skyline? I played one and was floored, but I like the look of the Ibanez better....
  3. Ryan L.

    Ryan L. Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2000
    West Fargo, ND
    Cool. Time to look seriously into one of them. I need a decent four string, but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on one. This may just be the answer.
  4. Dave Castelo

    Dave Castelo

    Apr 19, 2000
    Ibanez BRB?? what are those??... oh its a typo

    BTB 1000 with barts!! now i have to go get one
  5. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    A good bass made even better. Probably more expensive, too. :(
  6. Actually Oyster, they're saying that the price is staying the same!
  7. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Cool! :)

    Still costs a small fortune over here, though.
  8. Oh man, I totally forgot about the import duties and such! That really sucks as far as getting gear from the US is concerned. :(
  9. Tsal


    Jan 28, 2000
    Finland, EU
    I can understand 1000's with Barts but even 500-series? Looking at the prices of 500's, they should give you pretty nifty amount of bass for the money :D
  10. pilotjones

    pilotjones Supporting Member

    Nov 8, 2001
    Now I know why all the 1005s at GC are on special sale. (800 now at my store, had been going for somewhere over 1000)
  11. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Great news! This will put the BTB1000 series in the same class as all of the other basses in that price range IMHO. The construction is first rate, the neck is awesome, great B string, the only thing lacking was the electronics.

    I wonder if they will trickle down to the 400 series? MF has the BTB400, 405 and 406 at blowout prices. I doubt if they can put Barts in those though, not at current list prices anyway.

    Like pilotjones, I wondered why GC had the 1005 and 1006's marked down so low this past weekend. I was hoping that Ibanez wasn't getting ready to discontinue the best bass that they make.
  12. Angus

    Angus Supporting Member

    Apr 16, 2000
    Palo Alto, CA
    I'm still going to get a 1005 someday. This just makes it easier. :)
  13. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    i doubt theyll ever do that too, but at the price that MF is selling them for, you can get a set of Barts and slap um in, and it still be a pretty good overall price (both bass and barts)

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