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  1. hey i was looking at the btb406qm for a new bass for christmas. umm i have 1 question about it though. on the ibanez site it says the neck width is 41mm at first fret and 64 at last. is this true? its seems pretty hard to believe that a six string would have a neck as thin as that(also seeing how the five string version is a few mm thicker) and if it is really that thin (width wise) then is it a good to have it close?? or will the tight spaceing be a problem? i really want a six string but i dont want the neck to be huge. please if you own this bass could you tell me the measurments of the fret board for yours.also is it posiable they whould of made a new 2003 version and made the neck smaller then other year versions.

  2. I remember looking at this bass a few years ago, and had some confusion on the website. I do remember there being two places where the neck dimensions are listed. one (the picture of the neck, i think) somehow got the same measurements as the five string version. somewhere out there on that site, are the proper measurements in some other format. unfortunately, i can't tell you exactly where.........but they are there.
  3. Funny I was just compairing these two basses in photo shop to see. I took the photos off of the website, then super imposed them on top of one another. the BTB 406 is definitly wider, but not that much. It looks like they squeezed a little space from between the monorail bridges to bring in the string spacing on the 6.
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    The neck measurements for the 406 are wrong. They are the same as for the 4 string and it is quite obvious from the picture (as well as common sense) that this is too narrow.

    To me, the BTB is probably the best series that Ibanez has made (I like the ATKs as well).

  5. thanks that clears it up a bit but i still need to know the exact width. please if anyone has one of these please tell me the width of the neck. also if anyone has a better suggestion for a six string bass please say. my limit is 1000 canadian (or 700 american). thanks.
  6. Harold, if you email me [email protected] I will send you the owners manual in a PDF file!

    The specks are there!

  7. Harold, you can actually go HERE and down load the owners manual yourself if you like!

  8. thanks but when i looked over the manual it didnt say the measurements of the fretboard. it just told me how the eq worked and how to preform maintnence on the bass nothing on the measurments. unless the manual you have your self is different then the one on the page you suggested. if you do please say and ill be sure to e-mail you for it.
  9. Harold, it's the same one, sorry!

  10. thats alright, thanks anyways. also to say again please if anyone knows the fretboard measurments to this bass then please say.
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