BTB676 in Green Finish Questions

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  1. Does anyone have pictures of an Ibanez BTB676 in a green finish and possibly know what year Ibanez made this model in green. Been looking for a BTB676 for my first 6 string and see that GC has a used one but no pictures. Have not got a reply from store yet. Are all BTB676 monorail and neck thru?

    Thank You
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  3. sorry guys and thanks. GC got back with me and its a 2004 with bolt on neck and monorail bridge. Transparent green stain.
  4. Anyone ever played or owned a BTB676 with the bolt on neck from early 2000 like this? Looking for some general reviews because the GC that has this bass is too far away to go check it out. Any input appreciated. Weight, Tone, Quality etc. Thanks
    Never owned a sixer so just looking for something inexpensive to start with. Tried out a new SR506 but string spacing is a little tight for my liking.