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Budget 1x10; Thoughts

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by basscooker, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Red

  2. Blue

  3. Yellow

  4. White

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, Chopshopamps.com
    OK: Here goes...
    Some WinISD SPL plots of budget drivers. The box would be ported, have a piezo, and be tilt-back. It's intention would be for home or light duty/small gig. Paired with the right tube amp, a couple of these plots are telling me you could push into overdrive without breaking windows.

    So IF you had a use for a quieter, light 1x10, and didn't want to spend a pile of cash for it, would you be RED, BLUE, WHITE or YELLOW?


    Comments and suggestions welcome; flames, laughs and :scowl:'s expected...

    EDIT: Sorry for hard to distinguish white and yellow, the white one is the flatter of the two.
  2. Dunno. I can't hear that graph...
  3. Mike A

    Mike A Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2002
    Probably white, unless that's a graph depicting the amount of hum... what a weird poll.
  4. Fat Steve

    Fat Steve The poodle bites, the poodle chews it.

    I'm guessing the OP doesn't want to "color" any opinions by actually listing the model of the drivers. I suspect this thread will suffer traffic wise and advice wise as a result. I could also quite possibly be talking from my ass, so there's that.
  5. Either white or red, they're the flattest plots. the white would be overall louder, but the red might be a bit boomier, which could be cool if that's your thing, the peak of the yellow is a bit too high at 3 db, and I don't know what's with the blue plot.
  6. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, Chopshopamps.com
    Ok! They're all MCM's, but the blue which is a Celestion. All budget drivers, ranging from 10 bucks to 60 bucks. You can't hear anything because nothing is built. Keep in mind also that If you play in a gigging rock band, and have a $1000 rig, there'd be no expected interest from you... why would you want a 92dB 1x10? But if you have all of your pro gear and are looking for a living room or bedroom cab to pair with a low watt tube amp, something like this may fit the niche, especially at the price point any of these drivers would allow.
  7. AstroSonic

    AstroSonic Supporting Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    rural New Mexico
    The white alignment/driver is the most versatile. It cans easily be EQ'ed to whatever you need within reason.

    It is sometimes easier to select a driver based on driver response in the mids and highs, and then to design the box for the kind of bass you want. It's about priorities. If deep bass is the number one priority, then selecting a driver based on these graphs makes sense.
  8. joelb79


    Mar 22, 2006
    Lansing, Michigan
    1x10's are inefficient because they have limited displacement below 80hz. I would pick yellow. It has the most guts where it counts and falls off where it need not be. Use a steep high-pass.

    white would be an okay based on the efficiency but would not be as loud as white. Both have comparable extension.

    Red and Blue look like bad ideas. Is blue bandpass? really bad idea.

    It would be VERY helpful in making a good recomendation to know what speakers they are so people can view the thiele/small parameters.
  9. Low Class

    Low Class Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2005
    Orange Park, Florida
    I think cabs look good in red.:bag:
  10. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, Chopshopamps.com
    Well, I use tintable duratex, so....;)
  11. The low end response is fairly well the same. After midrange tone you need to know the 80hz power handling.
  12. DukeLeJeune

    DukeLeJeune rational romantic mystic cynical idealist Supporting Member Commercial User

    Nov 24, 2008
    Princeton, Texas
    Owner & designer, AudioKinesis; Auth. mfg, Big E (Home Audio only)
    The white curve looks the best to me, the notes won't bloom or die out as you go up and down the scale, and you're even getting the first overtone of low-B.... BUT, what's happening with excursion AND/OR what the rest of the spectrum looks like could easily keel the deal for white.
  13. HertzWhenIPlay

    HertzWhenIPlay Last Chance Riders Supporting Member

    Jan 15, 2011
    Roswell, GA
    I like things that go BOOM
    voted before I saw the chart. Lol
    white all the way!
  14. CrashClint

    CrashClint I Play Bass therefore I Am Gold Supporting Member

    Nov 15, 2005
    Wake Forest, NC
    DR Strings Dealer (local only)
    lol, so did I
  15. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, Chopshopamps.com
    Well, color choice wasn't what I was going for, (Hertz, Clint), but see post#10.

    Duke, I can't seem to get some choices of graph to show anything (?). That makes me sad. For example, with cone excursion, does that mean I'm suffocating the driver and I don't see a plot because its excursion is below the chart? (yikes!) I've double-checked that all of the parameters available to me for that driver are entered....

    Downunder, same thing. I can't get any plot at all for max power.

    I'm getting impedance curves, transfer function, port velocity, phase and delay, but the max SPL and other important graphs aren't showing up for me.

    But in general, most of you caught me... The white one is the one I was planning on going with. It'll be a fairly quiet, slightly power-sucking box, but it does show pretty even response through most of the important freq's. It's only 2dB down at 62Hz, and stays flat enough from 80 up. I was thinking that a piezo would eliminate the need for a crossover, too.
  16. No doubt you're having fun but the coffeehouse 10 thread has it all worked out for reputable budget 10's.
  17. are you using the winISD beta, instead of the WinISD PRO alpha? they're different versions, and the pro gives you plots for max power.

    certainly the coffeehouse is a darn nice cab, but it's not as cheap as it was when the thread was started.
  18. basscooker

    basscooker Commercial User

    Apr 11, 2010
    cincy ky
    Owner, Chopshopamps.com
    Pro Alpha. The Beta I did have for a while, but always rejected my entries, telling me the different Q's "did not compute", so I switched. Still get little error windows now and again, but...

    I also get something like "floating point division" error boxes every time I open it, and it won't close down completely unless I completely log out. I just leave it open on my task bar and minimize it. I had a bunch of purchased software at one time, but it walked away... long story. The help stuff won't even come up... it's just a hot mess :(
    Like I said, I have the option of choosing the graphs, it's just that nothing shows up for some of them.
  19. Interceptor

    Interceptor Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2005
    Madison, WI

    Without excursion plots, I haven't a clue which one melts to slag first. Plus, I'd rather live with a mid bass boost and a gentle roll off.
  20. Hopkins

    Hopkins Supporting Member Commercial User

    Nov 17, 2010
    Houston Tx
    Owner/Builder @Hopkins Guitars
    I have absolutely no idea what that graph is telling me.