Budget Amp to fight against 2 guit & loud drummer?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JFT, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. JFT

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    Hi all,

    I finally found a band so it's now time to get a real amp. My 100 Watt keyboard amp was Ok to practice alone at home but with a LOUD drummer and two guitarists (each using a 50 Watt Tube amp LOUD) I simply can't hear myself...

    I've got a somewhat limited budget ~1000$ Can (roughly 700$ US).

    The band plays mostly old rock.

    What would be my best option in the circumstance? raw power with a single cabinet (either 2x10 or 1x15) or a smaller amp with both cabinet?

    Is this realistic with my budget?


    P.S. I have a relatively small care so size counts!!!
  2. Boozy

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    Apr 29, 2002
    Kelowna BC, Canada
    well, i had the same problem with limited funds.. actually i just had to settle for what i could find in town at the time, so i didnt want to spend alot of cash (wanted to save cash so i could buy what i really wanted in vancouver..)

    anyways, i bought a used old fender bxr combo.. it has 1 - 15" 8ohm speaker, 200watts.. (hook up another 8ohm cabinet and run @ 300watts) i got it from a pawnshop for 300$ (canadian).. you could then buy a used or even new avatar 2x10 cab and you'd be rockin for under 600$.. then buy a used or new preamp.. svt-IIp or a sansamp rbi (which is what i have been using) and youre still under or around 1000$..

    that's what i have been playing thru for a while, just the 200watt combo with NO extention cab and i use the rbi thru the effects loop bypassing the bxr's preamp... sounds pretty good.. and wasnt that expensive

    i'd just look for used goods, it's cheaper and you can get better gear.

    but thats just my opinion.

    good luck :)
  3. OneDrop

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    Jun 17, 2003
    If you buy used, you can definitely get the volume you need. Couple years back I was in the same situation and my budget was <$1000. I managed to get a 4ohm Acme B2 for$335 and a GK 1001RB for $425. It was loud enough for a drummer, guitar and keys with much volume to spare. I didn't like the GK sound though, sold it and ended up getting a cheaper Hartke HA4000 for $300 and liked the sound alot. It took a while of searching the ads to find the deals but worth it. I never had any problems with the wattage I was using with the Acme(400 and 500 watts) and the sound was incredible. It was a single 2x10 that sounded at least twice as big. I wish I still had the rig. I am currently ampless and play through headphones and a Korg AX1B. :bawl:
  4. guyplaysbass

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    Jun 6, 2003
    Portland, OR
    OneDrop is quite right on suggesting the Acme. They're a little tough to come by used, but it's one hell of a little cabinet if you've got the power to push it. Even new, they're only $480 US. Check them out-


    I'm running a Low B-4 with a Peavey DPC1400X and it blows everything I've ever heard or played away!
  5. Buying used is the best bet in a situation like your's. If you want new, you can get an Avatar 4x10 for $339 plus $42 shipping. (US) Check out their web site www.avatarspeakers.com and see what you think. As for a amp, I'm one of those guys goes the seperate route. I'd get a SansAmp Bass Driver DI $189.00 new and a QSC RMX 830 $299 new.

    I know that this is a bit over budget but you can mix and match new a used as you find it. Be sure to check out the classified adds in this forum.
  6. tombowlus

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    Get Thee a Mesa Boogie Walkabout head, and whatever small cabinets you can find for a reasonable price to go along with it.:D

    Or, if you are really stuck on the combo thing, consider an iAMP 350, which can be found used in your price range. Those little GK combos are nice, too. But personally, I think that you are going to get more life, flexibility, and ultimate bang for the buck, out of a small head with seperate cab(s) setup.

  7. Nick Wagner

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    Feb 24, 2003
    WA, USA
    check out some used carvin heads... ive heard some good things about carvin amps, and you can pick one up pretty cheap on ebay. Then, go for an avatar cab, or something of the likes. You could also go for a used Ampeg B2R, or SWR... theres lots of possibilities. I recommend just cruising ebay, and trying to find at least 200 watts, then buying an avatar B410 or something that will help you cut through your loud band.