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Budget Jazz Bass Build & Question #1

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by mag1guru, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Body: All Parts 3 Tone Sunburst
    Neck: Mighty Mite Maple/Maple
    Pickguard: 4 Ply Tort
    PUs: Fender Custom Shop 60s
    Pots/Wiring: CTS 250K ohm pots solid shafts, orange cap .047Bridge: Fender Vintage Threaded
    Strings: D'addario EXL220BT balanced tension
    NeckPlate: Fender Corona California Logo
    Tuning Machines: Mighty Mite
    String Tree/Guide: Fender

    Anticipated Mods: Neck Inserts

    Fedex will be here later today with the high strength steel hex drive inserts and the 18-8 stainless oval head phillips machine screws from McMaster-Carr.
    Neck arrived this morning and looks better than I expected for the price. Was used but only see very light scuffing on frets and no other issues visualy.

    Picked up a new drill press, fence table and forstner bit set yesterday.

    Q: What is the correct and or easiest way to make a cual/block/jig for placing under fretboard side of neck for drilling insert holes? I took a piece of pine 2x4 and drew out my fretboard radius profile on each end to get an idea of what needs to happen but not having much luck with the cheap rasp I have.

    Thanks; sure there will be more questions as I go:confused:
  2. Followed instructions from many posts on TB regarding installing inserts and went for it on my Fender PJ Special bass this evening. Had toothpicks in neck mounting holes from previous owner. On the first one forgot to chamfer hole so chipped a little. The rest of them went pretty well. Using the hex inserts made it easier to thread them in by using hex wrench chucked in press and turning by hand.
    Everything lined up but the 1 1/2" machine screws where a little short and didn't engage into the insert enough for my liking. Only extended out of neck pocket about 1/4". Ordered some 1 3/4" from McMaster in Ohio. The neck has always been a little off so going to enlarge holes in body to allow for a little straitening. There is already enough room in pocket to move for what is needed.
    Not sure if I will end up installing inserts in Jazz build; still pondering that one. Never had a neck get loose on me and didn't see any great tone change on PJ; perhaps a little better sustain.