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Budget Rig (same old story 2018) up to 1000 €/$

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CarlosMano, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. CarlosMano


    Feb 11, 2017
    Hello everyone! After 2 years completely wrecking a small Fender Rumble 100 past it's limits I'm considering an upgrade on my gear and after intensively searching across almost all threads regarding budget rigs and getting a bit overwhelmed by all the options available I'd like to know your opinion on some options I'm considering for a budget rig up to 1000 € (europe). So to start off I know that tone and soundwise features are completely subjective and at the end it all comes to that but even though it would be awesome to hear about your experience or opinions about the following gear list. Plus, in my country (Portugal) it gets very difficult or even impossible to try in-store the many options available worldwide.

    My gear/tone/taste - My bass is a PRS kestrel bass (J type bass) with bright strings and play indie rock/classic rock/progressive. The tone I desire would be something between an Orange AD200b MK3 and an Ampeg SVT tone, so something with grit, punch while getting a warm bottom end. Because of transportation and weight I'm only considering Class D amps (I know I won't get the pure tube tone but that's the handicap I have currently). 500/800 W certainly will meet my needs so there's no need for a higher powered amp. I don't really like aguilar, markbass and genz benz pure clear sound but I'd like to know what you think about it's use in a 4-piece rock band.

    Gear Options:
    Ampeg PF 800
    Laney Nexus SLS 500
    Orange 4 Stroke 500
    Peavey minimega
    TC BH 800

    Hartke hydrive series
    Ampeg PF series
    Ashdown cab series

    What's your opinion about this list (no, I dont have the budget for a mesa boogie subway amp)? Plus I'd like to know what 8 ohm cab type would give me the best punch and sit better in the mix, maybe a 410?

    big love from Portugal
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  3. RollCats


    Nov 19, 2018
    Which AGs have you played? The aguilar tone hammer heads sound pretty good (have a tube drive emulation iirc). My buddy has the TH500 and I like it better than the Ampeg PF heads I've played through -- warmer and deeper (I didn't get to do a direct comparison tho, this is from memory). This is coming from someone that was searching for tube tone and ended up getting an Ampeg V4B, FWIW.
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  4. CarlosMano


    Feb 11, 2017
    I never really tried one and all the info i got about them was by youtube (roughly recorded). Portuguese stores really lack variety when talking about bass gear. I've only tried ampeg, markbass, fender rumble (they're everywhere) and bugera (surprisingly good). Budget is really a concern and tone hammer 500 tends to float at about 800€ new so that wouldnt give me enough room to get cabs.
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  5. RollCats


    Nov 19, 2018
    Go with what you've tried, that you like, and can afford! IMO. I've only played an orange amp one time but hearing them, with other people, i always love them. With the ampeg PF-500 you get a surprisingly clean (compared to ampeg in general) tone. But you can always get as boost pedal for the preamp and get more gain.

    I haven't played all of those options, but based on reviews and specs, you probably cant go wrong with any choice. Good luck!
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