SOLD Bugera BXD12a Bass Combo 1000 watts

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    I'm on fence about this one.
    Is it really 1000 watts? Come on of course not but it is really loud for its size. I'm just not liking the sounds of digital power. This beast is a bit hefty so let's split shipping west of Mississippi.
    Read some stuff here and ask what questions you may have. These are $300 new. IMG_4096.JPG IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4100.JPG

    1) Gigged on once
    3) Owned for 2 months
    2) ships w power cable and manual in the original box.
    4) no issues
    5) MINT condition
    6) never registered for warranty
    7) will ship UPS ground fully insured
    8) local pickup in NYC encouraged
    9) trades? I don't need anything so just run it by me

    Here's some stuff to read.

    Tech Specs
    Specification Detail
    Type Solid State
    Total Power 1000W
    Speakers 1 x 12" Aluminum cone speaker
    Compression Yes
    EQ 3-band EQ with mid frequency control
    Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 2 x RCA (aux in)
    Outputs 1 x XLR (DI out), 1 x 1/4" (tuner out)
    Footswitch I/O Yes (optional FSB102B footswitch)
    Effects Loop Yes
    Height 18.9"
    Width 15.8"
    Depth 15.6"
    Weight 43.9 lbs.

    Huge on portable power, the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp rocks 1000 watts of high-efficiency Class D power. The preamp is driven by MOSFET technology, which imparts a classic tube warmth to your tone. And since it's a combo, getting the gig should be no problem, as your power and the 12" Turbosound speaker are joined together in an easy-to-move package. When you're at the gig, the footswitchable FX loop simplifies your onstage setup, and the dedicated balanced DI makes it easy to connect to the soundboard. And this just scratches the surface of the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp's features!

    Bugera BXD12A Bass Combo Amp at a Glance:
    • Tons of tone-shaping tools
    • The extra zing of an aluminum cone speaker
    Tons of tone-shaping tools
    Huge power and light weight are great features, but there's so much more to the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp. The passive Gyrator circuitry with tube-inspired sound gives you authentic tone, and a selectable mid-frequency switch conjures five classic sound variations so you shape the sound for your particular playing style. And there are switchable ultra-low and ultra-high functions that add bass or treble boosts, respectively. At Sweetwater, we know compression, and we know you'll appreciate the compression options included in the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp. The studio-grade compressor provides transparent, musical compression gently engages and smooths out peaks for the ultimate tone. But it doesn't stop there, as Bugera built in special Dynamizer technology that further enhances your tone. What is this Dynamizer and what does it do? Think of it as parallel compression, like that used in the studio for years. You signal is split into two discrete signals: a dry version and a heavily compressed version. The Dynamizer recombines these separate signals, giving you the ability to get the most out of your tone! You get big power and tons of tone and features with the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp!

    The extra zing of an aluminum cone speaker
    So what do you get from a Turbosound speaker with an aluminum cone? The thinking behind an aluminum speaker is that it flexes less than a paper cone speaker, retaining the treble content better. The resulting sound is punchy, giving you an added edge to help you cut through the mix.

    Bugera BXD12A Bass Combo Amp Features:
    • 1000 watts of bass power to fill any room
    • Efficient Class D power amp keeps the weight down
    • Optical compressor and exclusive Dynamizer technology for ultimate bass tone
    • 12" aluminum cone speaker designed by Turbosound for extra zing
    • Balanced DI out for connecting to a sound board
    Get premium power and tones with the Bugera BXD12A bass combo amp!