Build #13 - "Lucky"

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by reverendrally, May 11, 2018.

  1. What will I do with this nasty piece of Chinese Elm?

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  2. Some more pictures of the horror...


  3. Something frickin cool if your other builds are anything to go by!

    Let’s see if you can make that split a feature!!!
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  4. Thanks @franksidebottom, needed a laugh. BTW, my wife's family is from the North, Manchester to be specific.

    Went back into the shed this evening and fired up a few powertools. I like my new planes, but they don't work as fast as several kilowatts of spinning sharp blades. After the table saw, jointer and thicknesser, I ended up with this...



    Almost entirely straight grain, almost entirely on the quarter. Which left me with a dilemma. To laminate or not to laminate? With unknown timber I'd usually want to laminate. I stood over the table saw trying to decide what to do. The timber is super hard and stiff (what is it with me scavenging hard timber?!). So I decided to risk a one piece blank. Then I started going through my wood pile and ended up with this...


    So we have all the timber for a new build, all scavenged;
    Chinese Elm - from the local school
    Unidentified Eucalypt - from my front yard
    Kauri Pine - from an old Sunday school pew

    I've got some parts coming in during the next few days, but I'll leave off telling you about them til later. I think the next thing I need to do is draw up a design.
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  5. Some of you might like to know the pickup I'm using. Here it is...


    Here's the bridge.


    So, that should clear things up a little. Right?
  6. Right, so now I've messed with you a bit, I'll fess up. It's another "piccolo" bass. Although, it will be pressed into service in the new blues band as both guitar and bass, so maybe you'll forgive me.

    Scale: 25:5"
    PU; SD P100 stacked HB (donated by my brother).
    Tuners; Headless tuners designed (& kindly donated) by Michael Harwood.
    Floyd rose style looking nut for string anchors.
    Some sort of handmade adjustable bridge.
    Probably some sort of interesting neck profile too.

    Still don't know what shape to go for. Needs to be symmetrical whatever it is. Tele? LP Junior? Flying V? Thoughts?
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  7. Rough mockup... hmmm, needs a lot more work. :( Looks like a saw horse.

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  8. Scratching out more ideas... man, I never thought a V would be this complicated to design. Which one do you guys like best?

  9. Sat down yesterday and started drawing up a proper plan. I think I'm reasonably happy with this. It's 1:1 scale. To all the beginners out there, I can't stress how helpful this is.


    Basically it's a 3 piece body, which is slightly different than the bass I just finished. What I'm hoping to do is get all the electronics in the bridge "pod". The PU will also attach to that. The other thing I'm trying is a 3 way lap joint between the neck joint and the two body wings. It's not clear in the drawing at the mo. I need to draw some elevations.

    What's also not here is the headstock. I was going to leave it without a headstock, but frankly I hate having instruments you can't suspend from a wall hanger. So I'll have a small headstock bolt on where the locking nut attaches.

    Still waiting on a trussrod and locking nut. I'm still also not 100% sure what I'm going to do with the bridge. I'll have to draw that up as well. I hate last minute surprises when the action is either way too high or way too low.
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